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The second to last mission:

Our Man Dagan

Level 1
Type: Encounter
Objective: Kill Dagan
Best damage to deal: Explosive/Kinetic
Damage he fires: Explosive/Kinetic
Reward: 250,000 ISK + 170,000 Bonus if completed quickly

This mission is essentially the hardest mission in the entire Arc, it is harder than chasing shadows (M48) and Burning down the Hive (M28) because Dagan is a hard man to take down.


Dagain uses a target painter BUT he cannot hit out past 30KM - His speed at max running is 300 m/s, so please make sure you have an afterburner fitted, keeping him at 40KM and using long-range weapons, will increase your odds here.

Warp in, right-click on Dagan immediately and go to "orbit" and hit 30km, then turn on your afterburner, this will put you at around 35km from him once you establish orbit. Make sure you have a skill called "thermodynamics" trained, this will enable you to overheat your weapons, increasing your weapon damage.

Even if you cannot break him, simply ask in local for help, there are usually around 30-50 pilots in system and the Eve community is friendly in newbie areas, experienced players often log accounts in that system just to help new players.

Notes from a Sisters of Eve Epic Arc run on a low skill point character, flying a single shield extender buffer tanked sunesis with artillery loaded with Depleted Uranium. 50 DPS, 5.5k EHP, ~23km range. Able to sit at warp in and shoot the enemies for most rooms. Use drones for the harder/slower rooms.

Consider bringing active tank and higher damage refits for killing Dagan, as he is the hardest kill in this Arc. Might need to be above 100 DPS to attempt to solo. Refer to fitting guides.

Warping to agent station to complete mission as well as undocking and warping to location in the current system is omitted. If not otherwise specified, assume docking and undocking in the current system to complete/accept missions.

Complete remotely is always followed by accepting remotely where possible.

Track the missions and show the Opportunities widget in the top left of the eve client. May need to click to show it separately for docked and undocked state.

All distances are with "Prefer safer" autopilot setting.

Go to Arnon, dock in Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau and speak with Sister Alitura. She will give you the first mission.

1 A Beacon Beckons

Travel to Manarq (2)

Approach "The Damsel"

Complete Remotely

2 Agent Inquiry

Travel to Tar (1)

Warp to agent location, start conversation.

3 Of Interest

Travel to Manarq (1)

Kill frigates, 2 waves

Auto loot objective

Travel to Tar (1)

4 Retrieving Red

Kill frigates, 2 waves

Auto loot objective

5 Alerting Alitura

Travel to Arnon (3)

Report to Sister Alitura

6 Jetcanning a Janitor

Kill frigates, 2 waves

Loot objective from container

7 Chivvying a Chef

Loot objective from container

8 Delivering a Doctor

Move "A lot of money" to cargohold

Deliver "A lot of money" to container

Kill frigates, 2 waves

Auto loot objective

9 Engineering a Rescue

Loot objective from container

10 Going Gallente

Travel to Harerget (8)

11 Studying the Scene

Loot objective from container

12 Rendering Assistance

Move "Antibiotics" to cargohold

Deliver "Antibiotics" to container

Complete remotely

13 Lair of the Snakes

Destroy the closest Seperentis lab


Kill the first two waves of frigates, then just the cruiser from the third wave.

Complete remotely

14 Data retrieval

Loot objective from container

15 Crossing Enemy Lines

Travel to Hatakani (7)

16 Passive Observation

Approach Hollow asteroid

17 House of Records

Travel to Chainelant (3)

Move "Hidden Data Sheets" to cargohold

Travel to Hatakani (3)

18 Mercenary Distractions

Kill frigates, 1 wave

19 An Economy Under Threat

Move "Farming Supplies" to carghold (150m3 cargohold needed)

Deliver "Farming Supplies" to container

Complete remotely

20 Every Drone Inside

Warp to the new location, it will be the next stage of the same room.

Kill all drones (Get in range, then fly slowly away while you kill them to split them up a bit.)

21 A Sense of Dread

Travel to Arnon (7)

22 Royal Jelly

Loot objective from container

23 Nature Pictures

Travel to Atlangeins (4)

Move "Encoded Data Transmission" to cargohold

Travel to Arnon (4)

24 Tracking or Scanning

Choose Tracking the Queen

25 Tracking the Queen (Part 1)

Loot objective from container

26 Tracking the Queen (Part 2)

Move "Corin Risia" to cargohold

Travel to Attyn (2)

Move "Drone Tracking Data" to cargohold

Travel to Arnon (2)

27 Tracking the Queen (Part 3)

Move "Drone Tracking Data" to cargohold

Deliver "Drone Tracking Data" to container

Note: High DPS room if you take too long, they all spawn and get close.

If that happens and your tank wont hold until you deliver objective, try to kite them off the warpin, warp out of the site, then warp back in.

28 Burning Down the Hive

Burn through the room without killing anything and activate gate.

Two rooms, second room can have a warp disrupting rat.

If you get warp disrupted, burn off from the main group to reduce incoming damage and kill it.

Final room, kill all remaining ships

29 It's Not Over Yet

Travel to Hek (13)

30 An Eye on Everything

Warp to location

31 The Uses of Force

Travel to Lustrevik (2)

32 Goading the Leader

Destroy "Auxilliary Power Relay" structure

33 Hunting the Lieutenants

Kill all frigates

Destroy "Habitation Module" structure

34 Valuable Cargo

Travel to Hek (2)

35 Marked for Death

Kill frigates, 2 waves

Kill Izia Tabar

36 Thwarting the Succession

Kill first wave of frigates

Kill Mizara that spawns with second wave

37 Certificate of Death

Travel to Tanoo (10)

38 A Matter of Decorum

Move "Mizara's Doll" to cargohold

Deliver "Mizara's Doll" to container

Complete remotely

39 New Friends

Travel to Lisudeh (3)

40 Recovery

Fit a relic analyzer module.

Kill all ships then hack the relic and loot the objective.

41 Of Quiet Nights Long Past

Kill frigates, 1 wave

Loot objective from container

42 Revelations

Travel to Tanoo (3)

43 A Call to Trial

Kill Taphos

Complete remotely

44 Brothers and Sisters

Travel to Arnon (22)

45 A Stranger's Face

Move "Altered Identity Records" to cargohold

Travel to Aydoteaux (4)

Travel to Arnon (4)

46 The Sisters and the Spy

Move "Tahaki Karin" to cargohold

Deliver objective to container

47 Sealing the Deal

Kill Society Spy (Cruiser, relatively easy)

48 Chasing Shadows

Kill Kritsan Parthus (Harder, split up and clear the guards first.)

49 The Missing Piece

Faction choice, pick the faction you want to gain standing with.

50 The <faction> Commander

Travel to Commander system

Gallente: Sheroo (4)

Minmatar: Avyuh (3)

Caldari: Sosh (4)

Amarr: Manarq (2)

Warp to Agent Location from mission window, then initiate conversation.

51 Our Man Dagan

This one is hard to solo with low DPS and no active tank.

Can be done just under 100 DPS, but will need cap stable active tank and it will take a long time.

Better to ask for help if you are not capable. No warp disruption in site, so trying is OK as long as you leave when low.

Kill Dagan

Loot "Dagan" from cargo container

52 Dal Segno al Fine

Deliver Dagan to the Wreathe

Warp to Commander to finish and get final reward

Excellent bounty entry, thank you Skog!


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