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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I can appreciate what Guardians of the Galaxy did, proving that you don't need an established IP to create a good, successful movie, but I can't help but feel every single phase thereafter has felt tarred with the same brush. In Phase 1 and 2, movies at least felt as though they belonged in different genres.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is your action thriller with fast-paced espionage themes. Humour is sprinkled throughout rather than being at the forefront of every scene. The story had a good heart at its core and wasn't afraid to take risks. Demolishing such a big organisation so early in the film series made it feel as though anything goes.

Since then, few other entries have stood out as distinct. Civil War treads a fine line dipping into its Captain America legacy, but is seen more as an Avengers film given its ensemble. Other than that, I struggle to define any Phase 3+ movie as anything other than 'superhero', and fatigue is setting in.

Future entries need to learn from its early days or even Netflix TV adaptations that variety is good. They won't always be winners, but that's fine.

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Oh man, how brilliant is Winter Soldier? As a Marvel comics fan, I was already well aware of the characters and their arcs but the Winter Soldier "reveal" ... chills!

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It is such a great adaptation! I knew of the twists in it beforehand, but they were done so well that it didn't matter. For me, though, it's that the story holds up without the superhero dressing. Make this James Bond, and it still works.

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It's my favourite from the Captain America line. And totally with you on the struggle with Phase 3+, haven't watched Marvel movies since a while for this exact reason.


Given that I haven't seen all the films (I miss most of phase 3 and Ant-Man (but I'll never watch that), I keep telling me I should catch up but then there is always something more interesting to watch... <.<) I would say without much doubt Guardians of the Galaxy, it's all the soundtrack's fault. 😂

With a 10/10 soundtrack, it's the one that I found myself watching again more often, it has a good balance of fun moments while not overdoing it, a good story and hey, someone has to defend the galaxy, or trim the wild growth (reference to the "Gardeners of the Galaxy" from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game).

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I actually didn't end up disliking the new Antman as much as I thought I would, but I suspect that's because I went in with really low expectations. I'm right there with you on Guardians of the Galaxy though - it's my clear favourite. The party composition and characters feel like a DnD party, and I've discovered so many great songs from the soundtrack.

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If we're talking strictly about movies, then my pick would be 'Iron Man' (2008). It felt fresh and memorable, standing out with some distinct features. Moreover, it marked the beginning of The Infinity Saga, and now it can be considered a classic in the superhero genre.

If someone asked me about the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe list, then my top pick is "Loki".

Unlike other MCU movies that primarily focus on action, "Loki" stands out with its gripping storyline and unique artistic approach. From the first few episodes, I was captivated by its distinctive art style, vibrant colors, intriguing plot, and captivating music. It felt like an alien departure from the typical Marvel formula.

Tom Hiddleston, reprising his role as Loki, delivers a performance that is both charismatic and deeply nuanced, bringing new layers to an already beloved character. The series' creator, Michael Waldron, has done an exceptional job weaving a narrative that not only entertains but also resonates on a deeper level. "Loki" has a way of sticking with you long after you've watched it, thanks to its thought-provoking themes and rich character development.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're only looking for movies for this bounty. Loki is great though, especially the first season.

Feel free to edit your submission and change your answer ✌️

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fixed. I focused on MCU and overlooked that it was limited to movies only. Thanks for correction

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No problem, thanks for the edit!

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In my opinion


The reason I love Deadpool is because of two reasons, one is Ryan Reynolds because I think he's an amazing actor in any film he does, and the second reason is because Deadpool is R-rated and I love films where they do not hold back.

The fight scenes in Deadpool are so well-choreographed, flawless, and funny at the same time, that it makes for a hugely entertaining watch, this being said I also have Deadpool collectibles, the swords (fakes obviously), and the comics.

Deadpool is going to be a hugely successful franchise imo, more than it already has been.

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100% agree on the fight choreography. Are you hyped for Deadpool and Wolverine? I really enjoyed Logan's dramatic Wolverine send off, but I'm also very excited for his very silly return

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Oh Yeh, 100% excited, Reynolds has hinted at potentially more films as well, will be interesting to see where he goes with it.

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Guardians of the galaxy. Chris pratt did a really good job of adding personality and humour to Starlord.

What really makes it the best one for me though is the soundtrack with classics like Come and get your love, and hooked on a feeling. I think it was one of the last music downloads I ever purchased during the transition to streaming services.

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Don't forget 'O-o-h Child', which has since become my dancing-while-cooking song

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The Avengers

While I love Guardians of the Galaxy too, I'll have to go with my first "love". When I first saw it I couldn't believe I'm seeing this many great characters packed into one movie. I think the actors did an amazing job, and some of the characters like Loki and Tony Stark had a huge character development from since we met them in their first movies.

Bonus points for the "It's like Budapest all over again" line, I have to say that hits different when you are watching this in Budapest.

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This is definitely in my top three too! It was rather epic.


Now this is TOUGH, as there was so many great films in the Infinty Sage (they should have stopped for a few years after End Game!)

For me its between Captain America Winter Soldier, which based on the first Captain America I wasnt to fussed about, but I went to the cinema to see it anyways, remember when Marvel movies meant something and felt like an event? But I was BLOWN away by the non stop action in this... which is why its a close second.

Number one spot has to go to The Avengers.

I dont think I had ever seen a team up movie done so well, the casting of the characters was spot on, the chemistry between them all and the banter was top notch, the action was incredible and the visual effects were outstanding! Even before they proper grouped together to face Loki and the rest of the baddies I loved seeing them all intereact and joust with eachother in their first meetings, I particularly loved the line from Iron Man when he met thor and had a scrap... "Does you mother know that you wearith her drapes" or something along those lines, make me LOL a lot!

I was lucky enough to see this on a massive cinema screen in 3D, and it actually worked really well in 3D! The New York invasion scene with all the bad guys flying about was so immersive in 3D, so much so you really felt like you could have been there with the Avengers! It really was a special cinematic moment, and one im grateful I got to enjoy!


The MCU is littered with great stories and characters, but after being made canon to the MCU late last year, Logan would have to be my favourite MCU movie.

It breaks the mould in terms of its more mature approach to the comic stories and it's darker, more adult tone gives it the freedom for us to see wolverine/Logan how he is portrayed in comics, with the more graphic violence and grounded approach to comic book story telling.

The story itself creates a perfect swansong for wolverine (Dead pool 3 aside), who is brilliantly portrayed as always by Hugh Jack man, while providing a glimpse at the future with the introduction of X-23

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Good shout. I thought Logan was a beautiful send-off. Although I'm still excited for a very tonally different Deadpool and Wolverine


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