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BRB... bloody hell man!!! 1944, that dude seen a WWII, unbelievable...

I'll comment later on subject, gonna shock my wife with this fact first

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Haha seriously I was like is 80 a typo? Surely that should be 60 lol

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He was in a film, he was a torturer if memory serves, I can't remember which one it is, I just tried to find it but no title jumps out at me. Good actor, he really is.

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I love that Rodriguez decided to make a mini-cinematic universe with Machete and Spy Kids. Just absolutly wild!

Mucho respect for Trejo. He didn't have a great upbringing but seems to have not let that stop him from having an amazing career. Best Role? For me, I laughed so much when I saw him in What We Do in The Shadows as part of the Vampiric Council

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Oh yeah! I totally forgot he did that cameo in the WWDITS show!

Yeah he's got a quite a story from the early years. But he made it and made it well

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I don’t think we talk enough about what a great movie Spy Kids was!

Horror and Cats's avatar

When MadamClutter asked what horror elements freak us out the most, I said forced transmogrification was my biggest trigger. Spy Kids is the reason for that lol. Damn Fooglies.

Horror and Cats's avatar

I fought with myself as to which movie I was going to pick and it was down to the OG Machete or Spy Kids. I had to go chronological haha


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