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Linked Twitch, Twitter and YouTube. Instagram is giving me weird errors...

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Ah, interesting - mine worked but I know Instagram has given us trouble in the past. I'll escalate this, thanks for flagging!

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No need. It was a setting to do with "Off Facebook" which I needed to tweak. All good now :)

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Phew! (Note to self: we need a 'phew' reaction.)


Question, how can we know if we got the bounty? I connected 2 accounts but have no idea if I got it or not. Should the amount just be added to my wallet? Also do I get the bounty to show even if I did not connect my paypal?

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Basically what usually happens is when the bounty closes they will post a comment a few days later saying the funds have now been distributed to everyone that got one. The most recent bounty they tagged all the usernames that got one and I'm assuming going forward that will be the best practice they follow (the tagging).

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That's correct!

The awarding of bounties is still a little more manual than it is going to be. For now, you should indeed receive a notification and the money in your wallet soon after the bounty closes.

In the near future, some of these bounties will be automated so when you perform the action successfully, it immediately credits your account. As we're still in our early stages and there's real money involved, we need to make sure these kinds of features are as robust as possible first!

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I linked YouTube and Twitch but I don't really use Twitch

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Who got the bounty on this one as it finished 7 days ago.


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