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I can totally share the same joy as EveOnlineTutorials every time I win on a bounty I'm surprised that people liked my work, especially when there are so many talented people sending in entries to these. When I saw my bounty submission as part of a curated article I was pinching myself I couldn't believe it. I haven't written any articles in ages and certainly not in English, so this gave me a much needed confidence boost to write more.

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You keep it up! It's an amazing feeling as a content creator to see your work featured in an article, to know, you can truly help/support gamers and so on. I am loving JustAbout, not been this animated as a person for a long time, this place has lifted me out of a habit of "make videos -> edit -> render -> upload" rinse repeat, here I can actually chat with people and make stuff just for this platform. Couldn't ask for more imo.


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