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Great to see the expansion.

Loving it! Really nice to have some space for general discussions on a wider topic and then as the platform grows there is space for smaller communities within those spaces.

Will be interesting to see the crossover between games and music or tech and content creators as these could have discussions which would interest people from more communities or spaces.

Some ideas for future spaces:

  • Nature: since we have a space for sports there could be one for nature as well which could include all sorts of outdoor activities from photography to hiking, discussion about wildlife.

  • Traveling: I'm sure we would all love to share the photos from favourite holiday locations and there could be bounties around guides from frequent travellers, recommendations etc

  • Art: might be a good idea to have a more generic space for artist as this could include fan art for games movies but also more classics such as portraits, landscapes etc.

Art would be great! From creations we've made to tattoos we've got and things would be a wonderful space!

Exactly, it could fit so many things, would crossover with other spaces and it could include so many specific close communities.

An art Space would be really cool. There's already a lot of creativity here, and a Space like that would just open it up even further. Tattoos would fit really nicely in there as well...so long as any photos are tasteful! 😬

I love when people share their tattoos, and even better when they're happy to share their stories or meaning. I've only got the one tattoo so far, but the list of future ones is growing 😄

There's a lot of possibility in those intersections! How do you think the Spaces you've proposed would intersect with the existing ones?

Nature and Tech could have such interesting crossovers! This sounds really random, but recently I've been watching videos to do with low or no-power water transfer. It started off with the Archimedes screw and went downhill uphill from there!

These are a few I've been interested in;





aww Jeezo I was too busy swooning over the smooth new UI pop out that I never even realised they were here! lol will need to check them out and report back!

They're not paying me to say this, but it is pretty snazzy, right?😄

I think it's great, so much more to get involved in, if you want to take part in bounties now, you have to set aside some time to do it, it took me like 2 hours last night to take part in all the bounties and reply to threads as well.

It's freaking amazing, plus I get to read new cool stuff and now we have a music one!

Can you imagine the energy in the Music Space around festival season? 😄 I can't wait!

I know right lol. Going to be loads posted


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