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I thought the little message on the site about the background service being down was plenty for me. But, I don’t actually use any social media, so don’t let that distract from the opinions of people who do.

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If you are using Jira, there is a handy tool called Status Page. It works w/o Jira too, just not that efficient. Oh, and it could be used for Bugs collecting too (JSM). Moreover, if you do not plan to add more than 3 support agents it will cost you 0$.

If you need assistance setting it up or integrating it into your site (as a Google Forms alternative), feel free to reach out. I'm happy to help explain how you can implement these tools and the setup process.

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I just noticed that my notifications work now!

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I was very distraught!

But yeh, if stuff is going wrong that may effect people, I'd suggest updating the Twitter at least so people know there is an issue.

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On an unrelated note, I'm sorry if that reply about the cost of DD2 was a bit ranty. I didn't realise how much I'd written until the next day and thought oops...

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No issue mate, it's a discussion and we all have different opinions, but that's the good thing about JA, we can chat and talk and it stays on the same level. Instead of going off the rails into name-calling, I like a good discussion lol.

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The little message on the site was nice and probably enough for most people. But in case there is a longer issue or more explanation needed probably an update on Xitter would be good.


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