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Nice to see them finally making an Xbox handheld...


if the price was right I’d be interested in the handheld! Would you?

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As a lifelong PlayStation-er, if that handheld can't tempt me then sadly I doubt an Xbox would

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I'm an xbox expert, to me it looks like the same white box or was it black?

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The last one was the fridge, but I honestly thought this was some sort of IKEA unit 😅

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I have one and they are amazing. Identical to the actual console but just a lot larger...

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I don't think I'd want one of these sitting in my living room, but I do enjoy how much closer it looks to a 90s PC. It would be tempting to slap a Pentium processor sticker o n the front

Horror and Cats's avatar

Yup, definitely looks like the Pentium 3 PC I had in 2002 lol.


If they are going to discontinue the Series S, I kind of get it. Maybe? I think it's better competition to the PS5 digital.

A complaint I recall hearing from some developers is that the series s being not as powerful as the X makes it a bit of a pain to make games for both. It's been like 2 years since I read that, but it might still apply?

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

Well, clearly Microsoft has lost the plot, look at that, it's ugly as sin.

FrostySomething's avatar

nice colour, but the shape of the new consoles in general just don’t seem as slick and practical as previous generations. Does anyone have trouble with placing their xbox in a tv unit?

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I've had to put an extra side table next to my setup for my Xbox-X and PS5. They do not fit in a standard UK TV unit - way too big...

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Yeah, we took one of the shelves out so we can stand our consoles up, but it's not practical.

They clearly want people to stand it next to their TV so it's always visible. I suspect people would rather that space just be taken up by a bigger TV!

Martin's avatar

Looks very much like a development machine unfinished - unfinished = no final colouring or painting. Otherwise it is the same as an actual X.


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