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My gaming PC is upstairs, so for me the living room is for watching stuff on TV with the family with dinner. There's the occasional YouTube show we all watch together, The WhyFiles being one of them. Gone are the days of having to rely on network television for entertainment.

Need to convince my family to cancel their TV license somehow. Yes, that's a thing across the pond.

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We got rid of our tv licence a couple of years ago. Every now and again il get a "reminder" incase we need one. If you do stop it, make sure to let them know either online or call them, they will hound you about it otherwise.

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My office is where I work and do content creation, but my living room is for TV. My dogs aren’t allowed in the office because it’s my cats’ little getaway from my very energetic German Shepard puppy who the cats aren’t a big fan of lol. So I need to spend plenty of time in both so everyone gets love and dad time.

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TBH, We don't use it except during the day because well the baby, before that I'd be sat in my room on my pc working and the wife would sit on the bed behind me on her phone watching something. I think the concept of "family time" in this day and age is quite alien as kids are more "tech" orientated.

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It's complicated =) TV is still a thing, no way I'm gonna trade the comfort of the sofa and the big picture with a crisp sound for a tablet, phone, or office chair and a monitor. We consume food separately (because of timing), but watch media together (TV shows, movies, anime, etc). And we do not watch any news, they are just awful and useless now + with countless ads.

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MY wife and I use our livingroom more then anyother room. We watch streamed programs and films on our tv, do our hobbys sat on the sofa and eat there. The only time we use other rooms is if im working from home or we are going to bed.

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I am student right now so my living room is a little dingy basement that nobody uses because it's kinda gross.

However, when I'm at my gfs we exclusively use the living room for entertainment. I hate TVs in bedrooms so that's probably why (it makes it difficult for me to sleep).

In a few months I will be moving with some of my uni friends to a flat with a living room attached to the kitchen and we're all very excited!

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We have a small house, so the living room is more like the entire downstairs area with dining table and a corner for the sofa+tv. It's very small so I can't even get to my PS comfortably to change a disk... I would love to have a big living room again where I could also fit the gaming PCs and then it would be the gaming corner and much easier to watch stuff on the TV from the computer or to record and stream from my PS.

I stopped watching TV when I was 16, so no TV license (seriously what is this bri'ish daylight robbery bs?) and we don't have a smart TV so it's literally just for PS gaming and occasional Youtube while doing some chores downstairs.

Using the dining table every day though as don't have big enough desks upstairs to eat comfortably in front of the PC like I used to.


I keep tasks to specifc rooms so that work doesn't take over my life as it did for lockdowns. So my living room is my nice relaxing space where I can sit and watch TV/movies, game or hang with friends. Work stays in the spare room, and my bedroom is an almost tech free zone so my brain can turn off at the end of the day.


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