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Oh yeah. It’s at its worst when I have an early meeting or something important I have to do.

I also sleep like I’m dead when I finally crash post insomnia and have slept through even my 113db alarm, so there is a compounding stress effect of being afraid of when I do go to sleep, I won’t wake up when I need to.

Insomnia sucks.

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Not waking up used to be a huge problem for me. When I was in my first few years in the Army I would wake up, turn my alarm off and the next thing I know my Sergeant would be calling me.

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Lol that is not a good start to a fine day in the Army. My problem is I don’t even do the initial waking up. I have an alarm clock called the Sonic Bomb. 113db with an external vibrating pad.

I’ve managed to sleep through it after particularly rough nights four times.

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I used to have an on-call job and it was absolutely nerve-wrecking every night

It was counter-intuitive at the start but I used to just stick a movie on in the living room and then when I start to doze off then move myself into the bedroom. I try to stay away from having my bedroom unless its a place I am sleeping in

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I used to try that but found I would wake up when moving to the bedroom lol.

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I have 2 strategies:

read boring book, usually 3-5 pages are enough.

if not, then go out for a walk, whatever the weather. And magic happens - body like, naaa let's stay in a warm bed and then few minutes later I zzzzzzz

Some people recommend no-blue-screens 2h prior to sleep, and turn off any light sources in a room, even LEDs from a router.

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I am bad for using tech although I allways alter the settings to minimise blue light.

This will sound odd but Iv never tried reading a book (when I cant sleep), Il have to try that.

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it not just book, it should be something with lengthy descriptions of the characters and obvious things.

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My old room mate would put on How it’s Made and it would knock him out. I can’t do that though, anything that stimulates the mind like TV/reading, all it does is make my brain work more.

I sleep best with white noise and abnormal cold.

There is a YouTube channel called Phi Tribe that plays “chakra” affecting music (more like tones and frequencies). It worked for me a couple nights but I got immune to it pretty quick. Might be something to put in the back pocket to try?

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Thats a good idea.

I can listen to things I have seen or heard before as im less interested in it then somthing new, if that makes sense.

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Typically for every night I sleep well there are two where I struggle to fall asleep, although it's rare for me to have a legitimately terrible night's sleep.

Anyway, outside of taking a Nytol, my go-to is the Sleep With Me podcast. It's essentially a guy telling stories that are hard to pay attention to because he always goes off on tangents, so you have something you can focus enough on to distract you from your thoughts but not enough to get properly invested. I find it works about 75% of the time, but that remaining 25% I usually get frustrated and turn it off.

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That’s Ian Higton's go-to as well. I hyper fixate on speech so that kind of remedy just doesn’t work for me. I’ll end up listening to the whole thing lol


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