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I think I engage most with an opinion that invites additional discussion. JUST a question feels a little insubstantial. I definitely like to see what direction the poster is coming from on the topic.

Topic Overview/Facts

What poster thinks

Inviting conversation

Also, personally I bounce off of a discussion if the opinion is overly long. One to two paragraphs is my ideal length when I’m drafting a post.

I agree with that. Context matters and decides a lot how I reply.

On the other hand, keeping it short is better than too much detail. There is some middle ground that I like best.

I like to engage with discussions/debates and but if the initial post is too text heavy I am likely to skip it (not always but alot of the time).

That said there are plenty of shorter posts such as the bounty like community games of picking the best stuff from days gone for example.

The quality of the post is what I feel gets me to engage, too much waffle or little context then im off 😂.

I think it depends on the type of discussion. The short discussion starters about best games of a given year for example are great, you can just give a short reply if you have 5 minutes and check back later to carry on with the conversation. On these posts I expect a lot of activity also from the poster to come back and engage with the replies.

There are the mid-range discussions with a video or a short story, asking for advise on something. Things which need a bit more context but can lead to deep, meaningful discussions.

And there are certain types which I would expect to be longer and not everyone might read them: product reviews or event recaps which all kind of all or nothing, lots of pictures, videos.


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