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I've got a few!

Last week I went to see Slowdive, and in March I'm going to see Sunn O))), and then later in the year I'm going to see The Breeders. I'm also heading to All Points East in London where I'm very excited to see Sleater-Kinney and Yo La Tengo.

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The Breeders! Wow there's a name I've not heard in ages!

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Great timing! I just came across Slowdive last week! 😮

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I have two booked in, both tribute acts. David Bowie and then Genesis...

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I love the names tribute acts come up with 😄

There was a festival called Glastonbudget near me, and it was full of tribute bands!

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After about five last year, I have none arranged in 2024, surprisingly.

The northwest of England doesn't get half as much talent as I'd like up here. Arenas are usually packed with comedy and pop acts, so I'm bound to smaller academy and uni gigs for rock. Thirty Seconds to Mars is playing but I just can't see Jared Leto in the same light with everything.

Feeder is about the only one that interests me, but not enough I'm afraid.

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That's totally fair. I much prefer academy shows over arenas.

Feeder I've seen twice, both times at a festival, but like you I'm not interested enough to see them again to grab tickets.

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Creedance Clearwater Revival. Which, after seeing Ice Cube and Cyprus Hill just before Christmas, might reveal a little of just how all over the place my music tastes are!

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You dark horse! I love that variety!


We might see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in June. I bought the tickets, but it's an outdoor concert in the middle of the US where there is a good chance it could be over 100F/38C and I'm just not okay with that anymore. We've seen them before and it's a great show, but I don't know. Looking at Primus and Coheed and Cambria in July as well.

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Ah. I hope you can go without being subjected to too much sun 🤞. I didn't realise they were still working together! I loved Raising Sand. I'll have to checkout their newer stuff

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Ooh I'd love to see Primus, I imagine they put on a really fun show

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Primus would be amazing!

You can keep John the Fisherman or Jerry was a Race Car Driver, even if they are classics...I'd just love to see a live version of Mary the Ice Cube 😝

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Sadly none, I have many travel plans that poorly align with events I'm interested in.

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Alkaline Trio are so good!

My partner and I have two lined up at the minute, but hopefully more later in the year.

First up is Pendulum next month in London, then in April we're seeing the 🐮Stardew Valley 🐔 concert in Birmingham 😁

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I've only seen Alkaline Trio once and the set was a little disappointing. Made the more disappointing by the fact I have an Alkaline Trio tattoo! I do love them though, one of those bands that soundtracked a particularly troubled time for me and helped get me through!

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Sorry to hear that. ☹️ Alkaline Trio's sound really does embody a very specific point in time. I hope the next time you see them it's a cathartic and fulfilling experience 🙂

What would your ideal set list include?


More people should see Vukovi!

I've got a few already this year, The Longest John's, Tenacious D, Sleep Token x2. Plus 3 festivals, 2000 Trees, Radar and Misery Loves Company but very likely to try and get to Takedown last minute too.

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That's a pretty busy lineup!

I've not heard of Vukovi. Are there any tracks you'd recommend to give a sense of their general sound?


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