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Also her music "Zoom" is Catchy af, its so diff from most Korean song...its so fresh

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I was talking to a friend about Japanese metal music, specifically Babymetal who just released a sort of rock/metal/EDM collaboration project with German band Electric Callboy. He pointed me into the direction of something... a little more hardcore.

I don't know what the, let's call it metal tolerance of this lovely community is yet, but if you're not afraid of loud music or non-English music artists, have a look at JILUKA.

And in case metal or Japanese music isn't your thing, turn the volume down and look at these fabulous outfits!

I'm currently exploring their latest singles and I can smell an album on the horizon! 🤘

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Oh I can assure you many of us do love metal over here 🤘I love J-rock, will definitely check them out!

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I humbly submit for all, Jesse Stewart.

I discovered him over this past winter; down a twisting rabbit hole on YouTube late one evening. I am, by definition, a metalhead in most every sense but I am also a musician and am deeply drawn to and moved by works of pure love. If I can feel your emotion in the music your play, then I am a fan regardless of genre.

Jesse was classified as Folk Punk though one could easily place the mantle of modern Bluegrass, though there was something unique about his sound that stood out to me. While I do enjoy some Bluegrass and Americana, it's not my biggest love yet something about Jesse's words seemed to make it all blend and flow beautifully.

His works gained a further level of appreciation when I discovered, much to my dismay, that Jesse had sadly passed away. Like many talented artists, he was a troubled man and his problems eventually claimed his life.

If nothing else, simply listen to the emotion in his voice and think fondly of his art and a life lived.

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Big Special. Newcomers from my home town. Just released their debut album and it contains some real gems. Like nothing you’ve heard before.

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On Sunday I was just at Slam Dunk Fest North and in the early hours of the day I had a free slot with no bands I wanted to catch so was wandering about the site getting my bearings, a beer, all the important things and settled at a stage for Beauty School. British band, great sound, super engaging with the crowd, good presence. I'm glad to of caught them because they really impressed me and I'd no doubt go and see them again if they happened to be playing shows locally. Here's a link to their Spotify page...

I was at Slam Dunk Fest (North) on Sunday and had a little gap in my schedule for the day, so took a wander around the site to get my bearings and a beer (the most important things). I landed near a small stage to find Beauty School playing. British and have great energy, locked in sound, the folk there who knew the words were super passionate (despite the pouring rain and it being sooo early in the day) and it was just all round a good time.


Been listening to this guy's recently. Found out he produces every aspect of his music instrument and production wise which is an insane investment in time.

Also he replies to feedback on Instagram which is cool

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I love going to concerts and discover amazing support bands. This happened when I went to see Warkings in Haarlem. Hammer King was their support band and these guys are pretty good. This song features the singer of Warkings as well so I gave bonus points for it:
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i recently came across this guy named Shane Trainor on tiktok. This guy is one of the best guitarists I’ve came across in a while. His videos are amazing. He makes a lot of videos like “if this song had a guitar solo”. I definitely recommend checking out some of his TikTok’s. I’ve had a few of them on repeat. He also has a few full covers uploaded onto YouTube. I’m not sure if he’s posted any full originals, but i hope this guy still counts.



I don't listen to music a lot of because I get distracted easy and there isn't much I can do while I listen. There are a few games I play where the background noise is welcome, so I often put on random playlists on YouTube or Pandora from artists I know I like. By chance "The Feels" played on one of the things I was listening to a little while ago and I was hooked. I really like the songs from his Ends & Begins album, especially Never Felt So Alone, End & Begins, and Kill For Your Love. There's just something about his sound that I really like and he's now my go to, at the moment, for gaming.

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Arcade Hearts

I saw these guys open for Last Dinosaurs. A relatively unknown band in the UK but they had great tracks and stage presence. At the time I didn't search them on socials or Spotify but their songs stuck in my head. I ended up searching them and adding a bunch of their songs onto my gym playlist.

I recommend Y U?

I recommend Y U?

A sorta disco inspired track with gentle keys and big drops.

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The Crawlers, I found them through tiktok and I’m surprised that I didn’t get more in to them sooner when some of their songs were trending

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Sevdaliza is an Iranian-Dutch singer and producer known for her electronic, trip-hop, and R&B music. Her unique voice and creative sound are paired with stunning and surreal music videos. Songs like "Human" have beautiful and strong visuals that enhance her music, making her a fascinating artist to discover.

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I pick Daniel Hart, a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, and violinist known for his unique sound that blends classical music with contemporary styles. His film scores for movies like "A Ghost Story", "The Green Knight", and the "Interview with the Vampire" TV show showcase his ability to enhance emotional depth and narrative. His work on "The Green Knight" is particularly original, offering a mystical, sad, and motivational experience unlike anything I've heard before. These tracks will remain in my playlists for years.

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A channel I found three days ago, they take older music, and mix in newer sounds, the channel is called PalmTherapySounds.Com.

This video is 2-Pac - Time Back (Remix) I keep putting this on, on school runs and my two little ones love the dance theme attached, as do I!


i know its quite an old thing but honestly just found out about them best name ever! Rainbow Kitten Surprise:

honestly should Ive them a listen one of my favorites

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I was scrolling through Instagram reels in the evening, pretty much doom scrolling.

Originally, I swiped straight past this artist, but something about it twitched and I scrolled back up to hear the original Nokia tune being incorporated with a snazzy bass and beat... and to my surprise, it was by far the best incorporation I've ever heard!

I decided to give the entire song a listen, called

Immigrant Song - The Halfway Kid, Live at Bush Hall, London 2024

And man, did it instantly get added to my favorites playlist. Hope someone else can enjoy this beautiful artist! Skip to 1:30 for the catchy Nokia jingle

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He is a German who raps with Indonesian language and has a career as a content creator. He uses comedy content from Germany and he use a dirty language but it's all just for fun. this is latest song without foul language


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