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I believe we should prioritize and rank these features, as some are essential, others less urgent, and a few might even detract from the gameplay experience.

And yes, inventory management can be a compelling and, more importantly, satisfying aspect of gameplay mechanics, do not ruin it!

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Is that aimed at the crafting from storage one? I voted for it as I've got tons of baskets of stuff and I want it to respect my time more and be easier to find and use my items.

On the other hand, these sort of games are the opposite of that intentionally with the grind of turning a into b to get c to make d and having to juggle all your stuff is part of the experience. So I get the point of view if so.

I wonder if these games could be a bit like the difficulty level in a racing game, like you can optionally enable or disable certain helpers and features, then depending on what you have on/off impacts yours rewards somehow (there's no xp so it can't be less/more of that in this case).

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ditch the baskets, and get the bigger boxes - they are life-saver!

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Ah I've not got that far to get those I don't think. I've spent most of my time building that tower instead of progressing, only really started playing properly to progress on my session last night.

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I didn't realise at first that we can already mass-craft items of one kind. I was individually crafting all of my items running between my stations  🤦

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It took me my fourth or fifth session to work this out too :)

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Feature voting is an essential tool for developers and publishers to understand player priorities and manage their development backlog effectively. For instance, I voted for the 'offline mode' feature as I believe it could have a significant impact. Implementing this feature would enable gameplay on platforms like Steam Deck and through family-shared libraries, expanding the game's accessibility.

Another critical aspect, which isn't currently on the list but I believe should be, is improving realm loading speeds. Currently, it takes me between 2 to 5 minutes to load a realm, even though I'm using an NVMe PCIe x4 SSD and have a 1 Gbps internet connection. For a game centered around realm hopping, this is a significant drawback. A simple task like gathering Swamp wood can result in up to 15 minutes of idle loading time. Addressing these loading issues should be a high priority to enhance the overall player experience.

Makeups, beards, scars and tattoos - IMO not that important as 98% of the time you see your hands or a back.

Realm cards already big diversity, new biomes are nice, but that the most expensive production wise, other QoL not that important as game currently pretty decent, I'm over 50 hours there and still have plenty of things to discover and do.

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Yeah I'm finding this now as well. The loading times to hop around realms are really annoying and I'm assuming it's due to the online nature and what's going on at the server ends. The time to open a portal feels like its masking server prep work in spinning up a new instance for you to go to and then the loading when you go through it is more server end stuff I guess. It doesn't really make sense.

They also probably have stats now showing them what percentage of the install base is playing multiplayer and how many solo (prior to end game).

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yup, public realms open within like 20 sec, but I have never seen anyone around, no wonder if there are 20k server combo =)


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