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Here's a tour of my 'starter base' in Nightingale. We're about to rebuild on a new realm!

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This is amazing. Makes me think I should really start to put some effort in on mine. All those neatly organised portals! Great video.

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Consider me gobsmacked. So. Many. Portals. I love the tavern (and the breakfast nook).

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Nightingale Sky Base Display – Work in Progress

My base tour might not be as grand as you’d expect. If you've read "Nightingale Times" Issue 17, you'll know I recently found a way to elevate my sky castle to new heights. Currently, I’m in the midst of relocating my base, so it's a bit chaotic – think boxes everywhere, temporary structures and supports, not to mention a glaring shortage of tier 3 construction components. Gone are the days of rocks and sticks in my design – it’s the typical life of a half-packed nomad.

Right now, you’ll see parts of the old base being dismantled and the new one gradually taking shape. Despite the disarray, this project captures the essence of the game beautifully. Construction here is a continuous process; it's about striving for perfection, exploring new materials and blueprints, and constantly reimagining your space. I absolutely love this dynamic aspect of the game – it keeps me engaged and creatively inspired!

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This is so cool. Here's me still building a little hanging garden and you have a full-on sky castle.

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Here is the tour of my tower built for the previous bounty.


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