I was exactly the right age when Red and Blue came out.
It wasn't long before I became hooked on the TV show and trading cards, and 20+ years later I still get the urge to buy a booster pack anytime I see them in the shops 😅

I was very torn on this. Pokémon Yellow was my first, and it'll always hold a place in my heart. But I played a lot of Silver - complete with attachable Gameboy nightlight for covert past-bedtime battling - and wanted to share the early-generation love around.

I bet you thought you were so sneaky with that nightlight?😆

I sure did. Though in hindsight it wasn't quite the covert operation I thought it was. The downside of playing using a nightlight under a duvet is that your parents can instantly spot the glowing orb and get alarmingly close to you before shouting "Turn it off and go to sleep!"

Having gone through an extremely similar thing myself during my childhood, I think I've just given myself a memory-induced jump scare recalling when it happened to me. Cheers Alex! 🤣

So this is a little devicive for my generation as I cut my teeth on the origional blue.

As much as I love red, blue and yellow I feel they improved alot with gold silver and crystal. They kept the main formula that made the games so great but included a day/night cycle and when different pokemon would appear. The world and story was much more diverse and there were alot more mini games like the bug catching contest!

I really enjoyed the bug catching contest 😊 I wasn't so keen on the fashion shows, but the bug catching felt like a fun twist on the safari zone.

Amen Paul, I was an avid player of Red/Blue but wasn't at an age where I could really appreciate it. It wasn't until Silver/Gold released that I fully dove into the Pokemon games.

God I remember the OLD SKL ones !! they have to be my faves !

I tried playing the games veeeerrrrryyyyy late, so Moon was the first one I ever played even though I could have been playing since Red & Blue. So because of that, yeah I know about a lot of the older ones but Seventh has that special spot. Especially because it gave us Rowlet.

I can't claim to know anything about rowlet, but I can say that it looks very cute. Is that a leaf bowtie?

If it's not, it is now! (it probably is)


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