Sports has always confused me in terms of the sheer passion people have for certain sports but I think that is mostly based on personal taste, such as tennis, omg which is boring but people love it, etc.

I would say, that sports have given me a social aspect I often lacked growing up due to the manner in which I grew up, every two weeks I play 5-a-side football, and this gives me a physical outlet as well as a social aspect as well.

I love to watch England play in the local pub, because the atmosphere is so emotionally charged that when they score it's pure bedlam.

So for me, sports shaped my social aspect of my life and helped me come out of my shell as a person and interact with others on a "normal" mode of life.

As someone who took up running only earlier this year I can say 100% it has changed my life. Realising that I have the capacity to push myself further than in January I ever would've thought possible is insanely good for not only my physical but my mental health. Running is a sport that builds determination and discipline like few others. The social aspect of running is enjoyable too, connecting with people over a hobby that I have only gotten into recently. Along with my running, Yoga is a sport I have been participating in for a long time! It's something that can be calming and gentle but also builds that strength and determination. Growing from someone extremely inflexible to how I am now has changed the way I view hard work (and proven it pays off) its also made me a much calmer, thoughtful and patient individual, with a passion for something that I can connect to other people in. Sport, and partaking in physical activity is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself and I hope to carry my passion until I physically cannot anymore.

Sport has always given me huge amounts of escapism. From growing up until now, sport is involved in my life every single day. It allows me to focus on something and forget about everything happening outside of that match. I'm big into football and so I follow all the scores, fixures, players, and even play the fantasty version which I probably spend way too much time on trying to work out how to get the best point result. But it's virtual games like that which creates communities online and allow me to battle with my friends to compete for top spots.

I used to play a lot of football growing up, but today I'm more into running. Over the years I've taken part in various long and short distance runs to keep myself fit outside creating content. On occasions I take part in events either in person or online for charity fundraising or travel to a event where I can meet people interested in doing the same things. It's great and super rewarding. Exercise and sports allow me to de-stress and clear my thoughts if I'm feeling worried. I'm now running and exercising more than ever before and genuinely look forward to my next session for that feel good feeling.

Here's a picture of me from one of my first ever runs many years ago!

I’ve never been much of a sports spectator - participating has always been my style. From the age of 4, I was part of a swimming team, and by 6, I had delved into freestyle wrestling, eventually earning some gold medals and significant achievements in the next decade. However, a spine-related health issue led doctors to advise against (ban) any sports, leading to a 15-year hiatus from physical activities.

This changed during a company event where I rediscovered my love for cycling – a passion that started in my teens with a BMX, complete with its fair share of broken bones! =)

Purchasing a bike and riding regularly brought unexpected benefits. The back pain began to fade, and I noticed significant improvements in my energy levels and mood. Soon, I joined a local bicycle club, forging new social connections and gradually evolving my hobby into a more serious pursuit. I consider myself an amateur athlete and use cycling as my primary mode of transport, regardless of the weather.

I committed to planned training sessions, which led to adopting a sports diet, incorporating complementary physical activities for overall fitness, and... participating in races. Over time, I've collected many competition awards, some of which were hard-earned. Of course, there have been some challenging episodes and crashes along the way, but let’s save those stories for another time! =)

In conclusion, sport has profoundly changed my life. It brought me back from a period of inactivity to a place where I feel energized, connected, and well... alive. It's more than just physical activity; it's a crucial part of my identity and a source of continuous personal growth.

I always loved playing rugby and football when I was in primary school then stopped for a few years due to an ankle ligament injury causing repeated issues. It wasn't until my teenage years I would realise just how important it would be to me through my life.

I have struggled with depression from the age of about 12 and this leads me to withdraw from social situations and isolate myself from friends and family.

At that point I wasn't doing any sport and so just played video games in my room a lot of the time to helphelp compartmentalise the challenges.

I was encouraged back into football when I was 13 and it was the best thing I could've done. It forced my to be part of social sports and reintegrate properly with my friendship group in the team and ultimately helped distract me from and help manage the demons that would plague me.

While I can't play anymore, I still watch local semi pro games and the odd EFL with some of my closest mates, along with a cheeky trip to the pub afterwards. This has helped my to continue enjoying sport and be part of a good group of people who share similar hobbies. I don't really know what my life would be like today if I hadn't restarted sport in my teens!


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