what about golf? You have 20 shots, get as far through the course as you can. Most completed distance wins. It could take place over a weekend, 1 or 2 days depending on how many competitors you have. I could quite happily sit down and watch that over a weekend! 😁🏌️‍♂️

Love this, great idea!

Okay so, let's look at bowling, it's boring to watch because it lacks any "fun", whilst is has funny words for moves such as:

Turkey Badger Sparrow

I think a new way of doing the game could be fun, now whilst they have "team shirts" I think that maybe people should be awarded points on turns, not only based on pin score but also things like flair, moves, trick shots etc, Iv'e seen YouTube videos where bowlers can curve the ball insanely or make it jump etc.

So I think adding "flair" to the game, could be a thing. I think more people would watch.

I recently discussed the idea of revitalizing tennis to make it more dynamic. One concept is to introduce a chess-like time control, where each player has a total of three minutes for their serves throughout the match, rather than the current 25-second limit per serve. This 'Zeitnot' could lead to a faster and more intense gameplay, increasing the game's pace due to time pressure.

Additionally, I thought about allowing audience noise and active commentary during matches, diverging from traditional silence. This could heighten the excitement, leading to an unpredictable and high-energy atmosphere, making each match more thrilling and dynamic.

I like Frostys suggestion for golf! I had another related to golf where each golfers total score is a combined total of their total strokes, as per current golf rules, but then add in a crazy golf buggy race element to it.

From the moment they tee off at the first it's a race against time in their buggy to get to the ball and play their next shots. The clock never stops, meaning this is as much about golfing skill and composure as it is speed and driving ability! Their total strokes and time would be combined in a very mathematical algorithm (don't ask me what that would be though) to create a total score.

We could see some absolute carnage with buggys landing in bunkers, crashes, wayward strikes. That's golf I would pay to watch!

Golf meets racing - awesome. Both this or Frosty's idea would be great fun to watch!

Basketball needs a shorther version for me. You already only really need to watch the last 2 or 3 minutes so why not have 2 halves of 3 minutes each? If scores are tied then a shoot out style tie breaker, each time getting further away from the hoop until one team misses.


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