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The Premier League run in has got me thinking about great football moments of the past and I had to submit this team goal from Arsenal against Norwich for this bounty.

The level of skill and mutual understanding required to pull this off is incredible and i just think one touch inteprlay between Giroud and Wilshere is second to none.

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This goal is so iconic. Wilshere had so much talent, shame he was made of glass!


It has to be the classic rodney mullen when talking about tricks and CHANGING THE GAME

This guy changed how skateboarding was and invented a bunch of regular stuff for the sport aswell

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Talk about a pioneer for the sport. That man's impact was/is incredible.

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this guy simply canceled gravity law!

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The man just exudes cool. Always been envious of anyone who is remotely good at skateboarding!

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I saw this one the other day and I have no words. Terrifying and unbelievable skill to be able to do this. Plus this was a world record breaker! Insane stuff


Matej Svancer at the recent Swatch Nines, minute 10:39: backflip seaming screaming. In general all the video is packed with tricks (and a pair of World Records).

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Onewheel is a unique device on its own, but it's even more impressive seeing people perform tricks on them!

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I find videos like this quite cool, I've submitted sports stuff before but cmon, this is sick!

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I'd fall down the stairs filming this

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I would totally do the same time lol


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