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The easy choice would be the Arsenal All or Nothing series on Amazon but my actual favourite is based on a rival club!!!

The Beckham documentary that came out last year was the best I've ever seen. I think because he played for united, I previously cared little for him except for when he was wearing an England shirt.

It was really intimate and hearing his mental health struggles after being sent off at the world cup was eye opening.

He came off really well and my opinion of him since has been much more positive, a brilliant PR move by him and his team for sure but it made for some great TV!

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The Armstrong Lie

Since cycling is my passion, it's pretty easy to guess that my pick would be in that direction. When it comes to sports documentaries, "The Armstrong Lie" is a raw portrayal of one of the most controversial figures in cycling. This film delves into the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong, a cyclist who captivated the world with his seven Tour de France victories, only to have his legacy tarnished by a doping scandal. Directed by Alex Gibney, the documentary originally set out to celebrate Armstrong's comeback, but it evolved into an exposé of his deceit. What makes this documentary my favourite is its unflinching honesty and the way it humanises Armstrong, showing both his incredible athletic prowess and the depth of his deception.

This movie actually uncovers a very philosophical question - how to stay true to oneself when everyone is lying? How to stay 'clean' when everyone is breaking the rules and you stand no chance to win? This problem can occur not just in sport, but in various aspects of life.

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No need to long think, Ali is my favourite.

when I was kid I always hope can be like Ali, he not powerful punch but he is very fast.

He was successful in field and was in the spotlight at the time. the documentary,movie,story is very awsome

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Not a bounty entry, but I highly recommend the hilarious and uplifting Welcome to Wrexham for any sports documentary fans:

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I’m actually turning into a massive wrestling fan so I really been getting into some of the documentaries, especially the ones they do with A&E

When I was first watching wrestling, I would watch a show called total divers and total Bellas and that sort of what kind of got meInto wrestling so I think one of my favourites sports documentaries is the biography of WWE Legends the bella twins and it was a documentary that sort of went into the professional and professional lives of Nikki and Brie bella.

What makes this documentary so compelling is its deep dive into their early struggles, the challenges they faced in a male-dominated industry, and their determination to succeed.

I think another thing that was so cool about the documentary that really followed their journey to how they became sort of like the face of the women’s revolution and it became part of the journey that made women’s wrestling a lot more serious and the women just got taken seriously after that so it was nice to see them talk about it and how much it actually meant for them to sort of be the face of that whole thing

I thought it was good documentary also showcase their personal lives as well so that relationships and health issues and becoming a mother does not impact them wanting to be wrestlers. It really humanised the twins which I don’t think people really do much especially in the world of celebrity you forget that these people are only human.

Overall, it’s a really good watch for fans of people who like wrestling in general and you can see how much they’ve done for the industry and yeah it’s very very much worth of the watch if anyone ever gets time!


A recent brilliant sports doc I watched is free solo. I guess you can consider climbing a sport. It's.not really so much that it's a sport I participate in . But really getting a deep dive into climbers and what they do was fascinating.

The premise is there is this really hard rock face to climb that has been done with equipment. But Alex is attempting is free solo with no backup gear.

It guides you through how dangerous it is and all the effort and training it requires to do this. At most only a.small section of this 4000 ft cliff face has ever been done free solo.

Not only does it get into the technical side. But it delves into what it takes mentally to achieve such a feat and how other professional climbers would not take on this feat

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It's a fantastic documentary, jaw-dropping and terrifying!

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"Witches of the Orient" (2021)

is a must-watch for its captivating portrayal of Japan's 1964 Olympic volleyball team, who overcame immense odds to achieve gold. The documentary blends archival footage with modern-day interviews, illustrating their journey from factory workers to national heroes. Director Julien Faraut masterfully interweaves anime sequences and live-action, creating a unique narrative that highlights themes of perseverance, unity, and the transformative power of sport.

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Does using the Samsung keyboard app's suggestions count as AI? With latest update it keeps replacing my words, but i was not aware of AI interference.

Could you please recommend alternative keyboard app that do not violate any rules? Thank you in advance!

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Over lockdown I started to watch a basketball documentary called The Last Dance about the final season of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan's career.

Nowadays The Last Dance title has been co-opted by the upcoming Venom film but the sports documentary is phenomenal. I feel unless you're in the know - basketball stars are few and far between. Back then there were: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Charles Oakley. All fantastic stars but now there's Lebron James and..

If you are anyway interested in Basket Ball, or even showed a passing interest to Space Jam I heed that you give it a watch

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For me it was one I watched a week or so ago about Andy Murray, essentially it's an older video but it talks about his battle to hit the no #1 spot and the emotional and physical toll it takes on him, his relationship etc. It's quite a moving piece to be honest.

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I'm going with the documentary 99 which looks at the treble winning season in 1999 for Manchester United and in particular the 10 days in which they won the 3 trophies and the achievement they reached which no other club had ever reached before. I liked watching the interviews in this documentary from the players and manager, it was interesting to see their views on what happened and what they went through during those 10 days to winning those 3 final games of the season.


This is my all time favorite Micheal Jordan the last dance i believe the rest speaks for itself!

I always loved basket ball and Micheal Jordan was a big inspiration for me when i was younger and in my opinion the most legendarily basket ball player to exist and the chi-cargo bulls are a massive influence within the community.


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