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It's not dying but Kane last is proving the "superstars" are just to old to keep playing, several times last night, kane just looked at the ball n was like "nah, can't be arsed" and he was not fast enough.

We just need to retire these older players and bring in fresh blood.

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I'm still enjoying footie tbf

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I'm slowly subscribing to the idea that the modern football calendar is just far too congested for the superstars of today to play exciting football in the summer tournaments

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I think there's some truth to the sentiment, football, like many things has evolved over the years. Gone are the days on brutal physicality (Think prime Roy Keane), nowadays it's more tika taka football and there's more technicality to play.

I do think that this will change again though, we will see another shift, perhaps even a return to the peak 90's era?


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