mmm i find this an interesting one, like they make the device so surely they must have some say on what runs on it? I get why they do what they do from a business point of view, not saying its right i need to add lol but it doesnt bother me so far as i love the simplicity of the devices and how they just "work" also i feel this helps with security.

Now thats the view with my "apple" hat on, on the other side of the fence i get all the points made too!

Going to be interesting to see how this pans out as Apple has deep pockets and I can imagine they will be lobbying the government hard to make this go away.

Boomer's avatar

I think the issue is it stifles innovation and restricts consumer choice.

Apple takes 30% of all revenue from the app store, including purchases made in the apps. The Google Play Store on Android also takes a cut, but users are free to sideload apps without using the Play Store at all. This means users can choose not to use the Play Store and still make use of Android, and developers can keep the extra revenue and handle sales themselves.

It feels a bit like which giant megacorp is your favourite, but it'll be interesting to see where it goes! 😄

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

This is not surprising, the US Congress is an absolute joke and the divide between the wealthy and poor, is sickening, For 10 years the only thing Congress has agreed on is "TikTok is bad" and needs to be banned, I mean hell the CEO of TikTok was called "Chinese" several times whilst being questioned.

As for Apple, this is just another move by the US Congress to control every aspect of American lives, they call tyrants and despots controlling, but their behaviour pattern in the last five years has been just as bad. Now they want to control tech companies, companies who will just pull out of the US altogether and the US will lose access to tech the rest of the world has and they will fall behind.

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What's going on with TikTok at the moment is wild!

Horror and Cats's avatar

I think Android users are giggling into their hands at this, is what I think lol. As someone who has been referred to as a “green bubble” in a derogatory sense by my own sister, I think it’s the overzealous iPhone USERS I have an issue with far more than the product itself. In fact I have both Android and Apple because they both do different things very well.

Let the market be competitive.

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smells like a rigged iPhone PR campaign =)

But as someone who tried to 'export' my stuff from google photos/drive to my personal cloud - I can say it's a nightmare! If you use any sync service or app, you lose metadata of the photos and video (geo, date taken etc), if you use google takeout, then you get additional side-loaded files, which you need to merge manually via mariaDB or a similar database... it's VERY hard to leave google and took me all my tech and programming knowledge to drop the chains

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I have a dream, about us stopping creating new phones and focus our efforts and resources to reach the stars


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