Why there is no option to use JA? =)

As for a serious answer, I might have an Instagram account (not sure) created automatically through my Facebook, but I don't really use TikTok. My main social platforms for personal use are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit, with Reddit being the most useful for me.

What I find odd about this is that TikTok already supports photos and I think it's quite good for it because you can have music play while people look through your photos. I think TikTok is pretty good at being what it is, but I guess there's an element of that not resonating with certain demographics and that's what they want to solve.

As a side note, I've long suspected that the crown TikTok really want to take is YouTube's, and I got a notification today saying that TT now allows for 30 minute long videos! It feels like TikTok has been going through the same beats as early YouTube with how it progressively has supported longer and longer videos. I wonder how long it will be before people are making feature length video essays funded by Patreon

I will have to experiment with that and upload some of my Youtube videos to TikTok too. My short clips are doing way better there and wondering how many views a longer video would get.

I tried TikTok with the very first list video I made and it got an absurd amount of views. Then doing the same thing with the same tags got nothing for months on multiple videos.

TikTok's algorithm is inscrutable to me, I am much more confident in YouTube.

Yeah, I think it's pretty inscrutable. I've tried to use it to promote my music before and it's just pretty exhausting so I always end up giving up. I know that there is something in the algorithm to boost your first video and 'come back' videos when you haven't posted for a while. They also have staff that manually 'heat' videos that they think will go viral so there's some level of curation there, too. Otherwise I think you need to either play along with trends, do stitches and video replies, or make videos that are interactive (like quizzes) or encourage conversation.

I actually really like it as a platform, though, and think it gets quite a bad rap. The recommendation algorithm is almost scarily good, and once you've been watching it for a while it's very good at knowing what will interest you. I also believe that it not being a Western company means it ends up under a lot more scrutiny than something like Facebook when it comes to data concerns.

If folks figure it out and get their money, more power to them. It just wasn’t working for me and I have a huge aversion to “notification clutter” so the less things I am monitoring the better lol.

As for the recommendations… idk what I did, but it was constantly giving me “cops pull over guy and IMMEDIATELY regret it” content, which is in my bottom 5 types of content.

I have no idea what I did to make TikTok think I wanted that, but it was untenably constant so I just deleted the app.

The problem is simple: TikTok is a Chinese based company. I don't trust Meta, which so innocently sells users' data left and right and so innocently ignores any kind of privacy and customer's rights, but I trust even less TikTok.

So no, I wouldn't use it. Aside that I don't really have a need.

I barely use Instagram's Twitter/ X app Threads Tbh the only new social media I use is BlueSky and that's because it's a newer Twitter

Probs will sign up just to claim the user name and maybe follow a few creators if they make it over or promote it

I have BlueSky and post to it the same stuff I post on Twitter but don't really have the time to engage with content on it, as most people I would actually see post to Twitter :(

I'm still trying to find a good routine of sitting down one day to schedule all my content for social platforms and then not having to worry about it all week. Then I'll schedule some follow-up time to check comments and try to engage with content on these platforms. Just it's so little time beside a full-time job, I can only focus effectively on 2 platforms as for viewing content as well and not just posting.

I'm glad you're enjoying bluesky! I thought I was the only one. I feel it's the only successor to twitter. Mastodon just didn't feel right for me.

I wish I had your mentality. I'm working through a half hour social media time in the morning as I hate lying in bed first thing scrolling through socials as I feel it can be over an hour before I actually get up despite rotating through socials at least 3 times without any meaningful update

I'm trying to spend my commuting time with catching up on social media but my train is often packed and I don't have space to pull my phone out. So thinking to cut back on my Saturday streams and use that day purely for editing videos, scheduling content and spending some time with networking.

Or dedicate some time over my lunchbreaks but I usually end up spending the hour on the sofa playing games :D

Social media is a nasty quagmire of clickbait sexualization, hate, and 0.00037% of things I actually want to absorb into my psyche. TikTok is the nastiest second only to Facebook. I'll stick with JA for my social media. Everything else is soulless.

sadly the content that brings out the most discourse is often the one that brings the most engagement.

The tried and true journalistic adage

If it bleeds, it reads

applies to social media. And the cycle continues..

I agree, but I don't like it. So let's hope JA is the revolution I hope it is.

I’ve used Instagram for a lot of different things, crafting, personal, pets and I’ve really liked it. I’m said they are pushing reels and videos as I preferred photos. The main thing that annoyed me about Instagram is that they changed the algorithm to no longer be time based so you get videos or images completely out of sync. Especially in the crafting world this killed off a lot of fun content.

I’m “old” so TikTok is too much for me. I loved adding my silly videos of my pets but I found it so hard to be part of a community on it. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time. My interest communities are established on insta at the moment so I’ll probably stick with that for now.


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