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Fairly boring answer but I'm looking forward to the zen5 version of the 7800x3d cpu which I think is the 9800x3d. 3d cache version will probably be Q1 next year I guess. and the non 3d version this year.

Then to pair with it the rtx 5090 which again is rumoured to be q1 next year with only the 5080 coming this year. These two combined should give crazy fps numbers and I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of fps at 1440p they will be able to push between them on 240hz monitors.

The cost is going to be crazy (Im expecting about £1800 for the 5090FE) but will be hard to find to buy I expect even at that price.

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Actually, I have not one, but three technologies on my radar that seem feasible and promise significant boosts for future technological advancements:

  1. Nuclear Fusion: This could combat the current energy crisis with very clean technology.

  2. Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs): These can significantly improve the conductivity and stability of battery materials, greatly enhancing the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of batteries.

  3. Monomolecular Wires: These incredibly strong and durable materials are made from a single layer of molecules, usually carbon-based, such as graphene or carbon nanotubes.

I could probably mention more, but these are my top three, and they are all related to the environment and lean resource usage.

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Well, I'm a big Nintendo fan, so... Nintendo Switch 2!

Its not like the original one is bad, but GPU Tegra X1 next year will celebrate 10th anniversary, so i think its time for an upgrade :)

I hope my cartridge collection will be compatible with a new console


The technology that I am looking forward to is more of a theory and not one that I think we'll achieve for a long long time, if ever.

I would like to see virtual reality headsets that actually mentally project you into a virtual world, like in Sword art online, Tron or Altered carbon. For me, the thought of being able to play a video game where I am actually physically within the world is so thrilling. I wouldn't be able to afford such technology if we did have it, but the thought of it existing and getting to see it is exciting.

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I can't wait until Augmented Reality glasses actually reach a level of usefulness worth dropping the cash on. There is one model from Vuzix that I think is very cool, but it's so expensive for what you get. Ideally, I want the options to fully cast your phone screen, as well as have certain specially designed apps for navigation, messaging, web search, and camera.

The camera would also need to be on par with top of the line smart phones as well. Maybe a 30 second replay buffer that way when something crazy or cool happens, you never miss it. I know that would be an absolute monster on the battery, but it would be a pretty slick option to be able to flick on. Plus, battery tech is only getting better and smaller.

I wouldn't mind PC integration too. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have stream health/chats in your glasses while streaming or something along those lines?

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I always hope about anti gravity vehicle coming soon because easier to take you everywhere, other side I hope anti gravity vehicle is eco friendly.

I don't want it to the end early

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Something I found really interesting that's being worked on is smart mirrors. The idea of being able to bring news, updates, and schedules while you're getting yourself ready in the morning sounds really useful. It'll even provide you with beauty advice, makeup reccomendations and more. Super neat and something not many are talking about!


My submission has to be vr based

I remember the excitement of playing vr 1 on playstation and the various games that were available.

Then being blown away by what the guys at bone works (or the game was called bone works) could do. Amazing physics in a vr game.

Then you started to see.the vr centres were you could play vr shooters ina coop way on a big.floor space.

Other bits of tech enhanced the experience such as Omni directional treadmills.

All of this tech isn't currently affordable but we are heading in the right direction.

Psvr 2 had.much higher quality and less wires .. we just need more games and better affordability and I'm excited to see it turn into perhaps a vr version of games like rainbow six siege that are highly technical

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I’m not sure if it is in development, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t: AR glasses that can auto add captions/subtitles to every day life. For those that are hard of hearing, this would be really helpful. And with the advances in transcribing programmes and AI, it surely must be possible? You can do it in MS Teams!


i believe Elon musk's nurolink is quite cool although VERY dangerous not just putting it in but being hacked etc, i believe if they can make it fully secure and the rest of the tests go well it will be revolutionary and give humans advancements in tech we have never dreamed or thought about.

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Supersonic commercial flights

I love the Concorde, it was an amazing aircraft and I think pretty much ahead of its time. Never really understood why they decided to put the development on ice after the incidents, surely it still had a lot of potential and a consumer need for it.

There is a new aircraft in development by Boom, it had a test flight in March this year, and I'm really looking forward to see more of it.

Here is the website if you want to read more about the project and watch some videos:

I think supersonic travel could be another golden age for aviation. Low-cost airlines are all good to get from A to B, but I feel like the quality of air travel has gone downhill due to the cheap prices and making it available for more people than then airports can realistically handle. Supersonic aircraft could be something which sets apart the traditional airlines from low-cost carriers and have an option again which would be more expensive but providing greater comfort and faster travel to those who can afford it.

Yes, I know, there are still quality airlines like Emirates, Qatar or Singapore airlines to name a few, but not going to go from Manchester to Hungary via Dubai just to not feel like sardines crammed in a tin can :D Believe me, when I lived in London I did fly BA everywhere, for longer flights even upgraded to business class if I could afford it, because it was just more quality travel. But right now from where I live I don't really have many options.

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My interest would be in Augmented Reality, but something adaptive that acts like JARVIS from Iron Man. it would really help a person in searching datas, designing projects, managing schedules and stuff, and automate some things, thus increasing our daily efficiency


There is only one answer to this and for me that is the development of Virtual Reality, ideally if Meta could create a Virtual Reality experience like the meta quest in something easy like the Ray Bans. Virtual Reality is SO UNDERATED, what technology can you put on your head and you can experience basically anything in the world like you are there? Golf in the ocean? Fly to Japan and the Eiffle Tower then to New York within seconds? Reliving the world of dinosaurs, meeting vincent van gogh, whatever period of history you want to live you could, safely from the comfort of your own home

Virtual reality in the form of sunglasses developing further would be so useful, the thing that I believe is holding this technology back is the easy of access, its a bit fiddly finding space for a headset, getting it on your head connected probably and adjusting it so it's not blurry. Not to mention condensation and sweating getting in the way! Ray Ban Sunglasses that Meta could make super developed in the future would be incredible

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I'm going to suggest something against the grain and and move more towards medical.

There is a up and coming Alzheimer's Drugs called Lecanemab that is said to delay the onset of AD (or at least delay the formation of amyloid beta which causes AD). This is a massive simplification of quite a complex drug. The reason why I'm looking forward to it relates to the controversy surrounding it and also the access to it. Because it's a new drug - it's quite expensive. The results have shown great improvement but ONLY for those with early stages of AD. The diagnosis of AD is complicated enough by symptoms alone but to be applicable for this drug you need to be tested for amyloid beta pathology which is only identified via specialist equipment (i.e. if you live in the wrong place you'd either have to travel for it or there is very slim chance of you being applicable for it without lots of tests and referrals - by which point you may be too late as the disease has progressed too much). Lastly it is an injection - it isn't just a drug that you can swallow. Therefore taking the patient to the hospital for doses through wind and rain. There is a lot of logistical issues that relate to healthcare I think a lot of people do not realise

Panorama did a documentary on it and focusses a lot on the side effects which relates to internal brain bleeding.

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Essentially this field of research is looking at the ability to put human "personalities" into data chips and of course the ability to upload our conscious thoughts or minds up onto data clouds, essentially turning a human, immortal. Whilst this sounds creepy, the implications are huge.

A group of researchers turned a dead spider, into a robot-gripping device. Giving this dead creature the ability to pick things up and still function.

I find this entire field, fascinating, Whilst it's still in development and rumour has it the US government has just given them a massive grant, I still watch and wait to see what they come up with next.

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Hey EveOnlineTutorials, just giving you a heads up this was submitted this as a comment rather than a bounty entry so I'm unable to award it here, apologies! Do make sure you're hitting the "Submit to this bounty" button to be eligible in future. 🙏

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I'm looking forward to the PS5 Pro, I haven't got a PS5 yet but and I have been wanting to get one but with the PS5 Pro coming out I decided to wait that bit longer to get the improved console hopefully the wait will be over this year!


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