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I feel like this sort of stuff is always a gamble isn'tit! if we were to go through another pandemic then I feel like keeping it packaged up might be the best thing but given that it's highly unlikely id say open it!! If you can make a profit on it then sell for sure but dont deprive yourself either :)


Aww cool, this was the device that wasn’t getting good reviews isn’t it? I am a sucker for gadgets tho so I say do whatever you fancy! If you want to play about with it just open it up but like you say it could be worth a lot sealed as a relic from the early AI boom in like a decade or something?

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If it's out of the return period then I'd keep it mint in box as a collector's item. It might be a long term investment but there will people that would hopefully be collecting these things as a fascination of the first attempted AI powered device.

Unless they keep iterating them and then it might end up worthless as Amazon's first tablet, or the first iPod due to limited functionality and low specs

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I filled the return form in. Haven't even opened it and it's going back! LOL


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