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So we recently went to a car boot sale and I came across this for five pounds, I love it, it literally keeps me staring at it, what is it? Well, it's a small glass cube, mounted on a wooden block which I assume houses the parts and it depicts a Nuclear explosion in a city.

Im including two photos, one with the lights off and the other, on :)

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I'm surprised that you didn't include a picture of your thumb up to it to judge the distance

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The item that I just bought and I like is the DAXA SEDNA Headset that I bought a week ago, because my old headset has been damaged and cannot be used anymore even though there are so many memories with my old headset from playing games together and listening to music, even though it is damaged it is a very precious memory and I still keep it, my old headset was the Sades Spirit wolf brand, so now I'm back to the DAXA SEDNA Headset, because it's still new and with 2.4 GHZ dongel, bluetooth, and wired features that I really like because it can be used in various situations and audio quality that is not inferior also with bass that is not too strong makes me like this DAXA SEDNA Headset.

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A month Ago my 75% mechanical keyboard is broken, even though I really like the color and model. When I wanted to claim the warranty, it turned out that the keyboard's warranty was dead.

So I decided to buy a new keyboard again, and I chose a mechanical keyboard from the "Vortex series GT-6" brand.

The advantage of this keyboard is that it has 3 USB Dongle modes, 2.4g, Bluetooth and cable mode.

Bluetooth mode can connect 3 devices so you can change devices alternately. and my favorite part is that this keyboard has a rotary knob to adjust the volume or you can customize it via the keyboard application.

and also the price is cheaper than my previous one, it was $45.89 whereas the previous one I bought was $67.31.

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For Computex in June, I decided to finally get a proper gimbal for it, so I ended up going with the DJI RS 4 Pro, which is pretty much the most overkill gimbal you can get that's not just cinema-only grade. It's incredibly expensive, and pretty convoluted and complex with all its options at least for what I use it for, but the difference it makes to my footage compared to just the simple camera handle I used before is huge! My main gripe is just the total weight of the total rig. As my camera is quite heavy, it also needs a rather heavy gimbal to support it, and for my noodly arms it's just way too much. So I also got some 3rd party accessories like a strap to make it a bit easier to carry.


AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Processor

My first PC had an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X and my needs for my first PC were way different from my current PC. For my first PC, I was only interested in playing Witcher 3 at maximum graphics to see Geralt's glorious locks whip around as he slayed monsters.

Today, I'm asking my PC to edit 4K cinematic footage and be able to stream and record video games. So there was a huge jump in demand for my PC from 2019 versus what I required in 2024. While selecting my parts for my new PC, I knew I had to be quite selective with my processor as it was going to be doing most of the heavy lifting whilst editing 4K footage and I wanted it to last me a good few years before needing an update.

I've been using the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Processor since March and I've been so satisfied with this unit. My machine has yet to show any signs of choking with all my inputs. And... I've also run Minecraft with many mods without a hinge. I would say I'm very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend it to other Content Creators who want to do a lot of creating!

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Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) from GL.iNet

At first glance, the Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) from GL.iNet might look like a simple WiFi router, but it's actually a powerful network gadget. It features a 2.5G port, WiFi 6, and offers various operational modes, including failover support and a mobile app. The most significant feature is its OpenWrt OS, allowing the installation of thousands of apps and services such as AdGuard, VPNs, printer servers, and various automation and monitoring tools.

Additionally, it's tiny, affordable, and arguably the best tech I've acquired in 2024! I'm looking forward to finding time to write a full review and create an unboxing video.

I initially bought it for travel, but after exploring its extensive list of features, I have two new projects in mind. I'm so impressed that I plan to contact the company behind it to learn more about their products. I’m excited to share my positive findings with my audience and showcase the potential of this powerful device.

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This is my latest tech toy: the Nintendo Poké Ball Plus controller, which works with my Nintendo Switch and smartphone!

It has a small speaker, two buttons, a joystick, an LED indicator, a proximity sensor, and an accelerometer, powered by a rechargeable battery.

Also, it can hold one Pokémon inside. Try to guess who is sitting in mine!

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So I recently bought the Dyson hot and cold Formaldehyde fan and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. With the weather being super unpredictable I felt like I needed a fan that could both keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter and I feel like this one does it perfectly.

One of the main reasons for getting the fan as well with the purification element of it I felt like in my flat I had a lot of dust and different types of bacteria in the air and I just wanted a cleaner experience because I kept getting sick and I think it was due to that.

In terms of the actual planet itself, the design of it is so sly and modern and it fits into any room on my flat and because it’s Bladless it makes it less dangerous, I do only live in a one bedroom flat so moving this room to rumours been really really easy and when I do use it it does warm or cool the room up really quickly and it’s nice. I don’t have to put sort of like a heater on where it heats my entire flat, I can do this one room at a time.

Another cool thing about connectivity so I’ve got the app and it lets me control the fan remotely and then also I’ve got it linked up to my Alexa so it’s just super quick easy and simple when it comes to turning it on and turning it off. it also has a automation mode where it can detect when it needs to work harder to clear the air and then it also has a function as well where it will run really quietly and you don’t even hear it on it so quiet

It also has a feature where it can spin and you can do whichever ones you want so you can have it rotate 90° 350° there’s loads of different options.

I really would highly recommend this for anyone looking for all in one solution for heating cooling and air purification. It is on the more expensive side but I feel like it’s so worth it for the year round and the health benefits it provides!

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Hey Shovel, thanks for entering and well done on winning a prize! We've noticed that some of your recent text-based bounty entries seemingly have some words inserted in place of others that are similarly pronounced, which is often the case when using voice-to-text. For example, we're assuming "moving this room to rumours been" is meant to be "moving this room to room has been". Using a tool to transcribe your bounty answers is perfectly legitimate, but we recommend a giving your entry a proofread afterwards to make sure you don't miss out on future bounty prizes. ✌

Also, I may have to look into that fan... my current oscillating fan has been serving me well for around six years now, but it's starting to chug, so I may invest in something new!

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Oh My Gosh you are so right! I do need to proof them a little better, and yes if there was a way to submit voice notes I would dominate haha but thanks so much for the tip. I will do my best to proof read before I click submit!


my favourite new gadget is actually and old gadget which I have just recently picked up from eBay which is the incredible Xbox 360 E console!

They reason behind this is the Xbox 360 digital marketplace is closing down this month so I wanted to get my hands on the most recent version of the 360 console which is the “E” model so I could get my hands on any games I wanted before the store shuts for good! I still have my original 360 I had from back in the day but it’s an original model and I already lost one to the red ring of death so I thought better get a newer model than changing my luck!

So far I am super impressed with it and it kind of looks like a smaller better looking version of the launch model Xbox one which was just a disaster for Microsoft lol

So for just over £40 I got my hands on a near mint condition version of the console and I have been having a blast playing it and using it to make content for YouTube also!

Also o have started collecting Xbox 360 games which you can’t play on modern hardware so this is great fun for that too!

I really can’t recommend it enough for a great cheap console to play great games on! Especially arcade style games as the 369 had a ton of them!

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Chillmax Air pocket chill

What can I say about this gadget... well I am a big fan of it and I think it is really cool. I would recommend this as it is actually quite a good fan that you can take on the go which is great if you need to travel around or whilst you are stuck in the heat. The battery lasts for a decent amount of time also. it also still works pretty decent without the water if it runs out and your not able to top it up again.

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A month ago, I purchased the Gulikit Kingkong 3 Max wireless controller. Having previously only used wired controllers, I wanted to try a wireless controller with minimal delay. I watched numerous YouTube videos about controllers and ultimately decided on the Gulikit Kingkong 3 Max because it offers 1000Hz in both wired and wireless modes, ensuring minimal lag. Its large 950mAh battery allows for extended gaming sessions.

One of its most important features is the Hall Effect Joysticks & Triggers, which prevent joystick drifting and ensure circularity error is below 0%. Additionally, the controller has four detachable, swappable, and remappable metal rear paddles that can be set as shortcut buttons. Inside, it has a chip that allows for various customizations detailed in the manual book. Lastly, this controller supports Windows, Switch, Android, and iOS, making it incredibly versatile. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Gulikit Kingkong 3 Max controller


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