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Video Games
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This looks fun so I had to check out the original.

The end of this clip sold me on it immediately! 😆

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😆 it was going so well!

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Mission failed successfully

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After watching this I might have to start responding to my other half with 'IY'M COWMIN' when she calls me. 😆

Looks like an interesting game. not sure why, but the art style is reminding be a bit of Age of Empires II. I dig it.

Boomer's avatar

I wouldn't repeat it too much or you might end up the same way! 😆

I know what you mean about the feel of Age of Empires 2. It's like the models aren't as blocky or angular as older games, but the textures still feel grainy. I don't know how else to put it, but that's how it feels to me.


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