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Jump Scare of the Year! I LOVE horror games, and the best atmosphere, suspense and jump-scares I've had this year was definitely The Mortuary Assistant. Being stuck in a claustrophobic room with a dead body and the horrors running amidst the mortuary has had my skin crawling the entire time.

A close second would have to be Amnesia, the Bunker. That damn dog and his buddy the rats still haunt me to this day.

I could see this being a nice bridge between game design and streamer awards, and it'd probably skew more towards indie titles. ✌️

Best expansion or something like that should be a category, for DLC that really takes it to the next level.

That would definitely encompass a lot! Why not update your submission and let us know which expansions you think would be worthy of the award?

Best in a blue moon

This award is for developers who so rarely release games that they need a specific category to highlight them. Otherwise, you'll need to wait another decade before you see them again.

Winner: Counter-Strike 2

Best water effect!

I'm a sucker for quality water graphics and they get better by the year. It's kinda jokey but at the same time I think it's something that takes a lot of work!

My winner for this year would have to be Alan Wake 2, the intro scene in particular was very impressive!

Best boss encounter...

... and the winner is: The Bahamut fight in FFXVI.

This fight just blew my mind and really put my expectations high for any future games. The complexity, the different stages, the forms you get to fight in, the music... everything about this fight is just top tier.

Here is a video of it from someone who is actually good at the game unlike me (I only have a recording of my very first attempt where I died twice before I figured out how to control it properly)

There is a bit of cutscene at the beginning, fight starts at 1:34

Comeback Of The Year, or COTY for short. It's time to have COTY. We already have GOTY, which celebrates the best game of the year. Let's celebrate the game that, on release, flops and, by December, recovers and becomes believed. The first submission would be No Man's Sky.

Best Screenshot Generator

This category would be won by my favourite game, No Man's Sky. In the game you can activate photo mode whenever you like and set your camera angle, zoom, lighting and filters to whatever you want them to be. You can make beautiful wallpaper quality screenshots of space, planetary landscapes, ships, fauna, your avatar, etc. You can get creative with bases and terrain manipulation to set scenes just how you like it.

I've literally taken thousands of screenshots in this game. It's beautiful!

Since it is now something pretty common "The most unfinished Game of the year" !

An Award that would list all those unfinished bugs nests and advertisement lies about very expected announcements, who once released are a big flop.

We all know this from No Man's Sky to Cyberpunk 2077, games that got good a year or more after the release.

That would be an award to avoid and hopefully makes the greedy compagnies take the required time to serve the fanbase properly. (in a perfect world i mean).

You can list your personal selection in the comments i'm curious to have your opinion !

The award for "Most motivational in game sidekick 2023"....... drumroll please..... and the award goes too.... KNIFEY from High on Life! As he just loves doing his job! (if you have played this awesome game you will know what I am talking about!)


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