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FFXIV has some amazing voice acting in the Shadowbringers expansion. Both Japanese and English VAs are doing an excellent job.

Also love FFXVI voice acting, Ben Starr the voice of Clive at the last scene of the demo blew my mind.

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I'm a broken record when it comes to The Witcher 3 but Doug Cockle as Geralt and Denise Gough as Yennefer. They carry that brilliant game!

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OH! Doug Cockle also narrates Tails of Iron (And it's 80% off on Steam right now!)

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Keith David - Halo 2 - Hands down, I bloody love that guy's voice.

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It feels a little like cheating considering its animation heritage, but Batman Arkham games spring to mind (minus Penguin...). Kevin Conroy's Batman against Mark Hamill's Joker and Arleen Sorkin or even Tara Strong's Harley Quinn are all fantastic. Wally Wingert stands as one of the best portrayals of Riddler yet.

And yes, I'm not engaging in the controversy of any of the actors because that's a thing in and of itself.

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Disco Elysium stands out to me. Much of the narration is done by the vocalist from one of tbe vocalists from the band Sikth, and he did an incredible job, but pretty much every character in that game is well voiced

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Wait, really? That's awesome! Just another reason to get around to playing it! 😄


All of Death Stranding has fantastic voice acting. But Troy Baker as Higgs is the best one out of all of them.


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