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I probably played the Fallout 1, 2, and Shelter more than anything on Game Pass this year!

Halo Infinite is a regular now, but I want to try shorter titles. Integrating How Long to Beat has been amazing!

Apart from Vampire Survivor (I'm playing it on mobile), what titles would you recommend?


halo infinite campaign or MP!? I really need to go back and finish off the story but was just let down by it, seemed such a missed opportunity but multiplayer was classic halo fun at its best!

A few gems I’ve found this year which I probably wouldn’t have played if they had not been on game pass are … drum roll please…. 🥁

dungeons 4 - a modern day dungeon keeper god sim! If you know about DK you will love this!

Snow runner - very unique driving game in that it’s not about going fast but traversing really challenging environments using your vehicle and other tools, really surprisingly addictive and fun!

Goldeneye 007 - absolutely legendary FPS game with updated controls and resolution on Xbox, fantastic fun today even if it’s showing its age, there’s a real charm and nostalgia about this game and if like me you missed it as a kid and didn’t have and N64 there’s no better time to jump in and earn some fun achievents in the process!

quake 2 - again another old school legendary FOS game with upgraded graphics, runs like a dream and has all versions of the game available for you to play through, I had quake 1 and 3 back in the day so I really enjoyed revisiting 2 as I hadn’t played it! Absolute classic from id software!

dirt 5 - fantastic arcade rally racer! I’m always longing for a game that gives me a taste of the magic of Sega rally on my PS3 and dirt 5 definitely gives you some of that frantic muddy fun! The game is also a real looker, which stunning graphics and has split screen multiplayer too which is a nice touch for some local multiplayer! Start your engines!

Jusant- an absolutely beautiful game running on unreal engine 5 where you are climbing all over the place! Think more Legend of Zelda style climbing than Spider-Man! Thr game has a beautiful art style, is relaxing whilst also being challenging at the same time as you progress so does the difficulty of the areas you need to traverse! An indie gem that shouldn’t be missed!

Party Animals - now if you’re looking for a fun party game that’s a mix of human fall flat and fall guys this is for you! You play as cute animals who are trying to knock each other off the map or score against the opposing team! With the rag-doll physics implemented in game all sorts of carnage ensues! Oh yeah and there’s weapons!

Shadow Warrior 3 - now if you are looking for a no holds barred absolutely brutal fire fest of an FPS game with some crude cheap humour thrown in for good measure then Shadow Warrior 3 is a must play! With an ever expanding arsenal of powerful weapons you slice, dice and blast you way though hordes of bad guys in ever more gory and devastating fashion! A real fun play you can blast though in a coupe of days and easy achievements too!

Quantum Break - a sci fi third person adventure game which feels like if Max Payne met Alan wake and you would get something that’s like Quantum Break! Stunning graphics on this Xbox one exclusive and an engrossing storyline alongside some of the coolest slow motion effects I’ve ever seen in a game make this well worth playing if you are wanting a more story focused game to play on Xbox game pass! And hey it’s from Remedy who know a thing or two about making good games!

Vampire Survivors - what can I say about this game other than play it, ignore the old school 2d graphics which may put some off and just give this a go! This bullet hell rogue lite is a non stop blast, easy to pick up and play but difficult to put down once you start!

Well that’s my quick roundup of gems I’ve been playing or have found this year thanks to Xbox game pass! Let me know if you have any more I should check out or if you fancy the sound of any of these games on my list!

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So many great games here, but let's not start with Vampire Survivors now, I'm already far too obsessed with it 😂

I've added Dungeons 4 to my backlog, and I think I'll have to check out Jusant and Snow Runner! Thanks for the recommendations 😁

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Too bad it's not a steam hehe ;) Still skipping gamepass just because most of my "stuff" is on Steampowered.

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That's fair. I got it because I didn't have a an Xbox Series X/S at the time, but it's increasingly taking over my playtime.

What are some of your most played titles on Steam?

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I walked right into that one, didn't I? 😅


I really enjoy GamePass. I've played a bunch of smaller games I'd have never considered having to buy outright. Not to mention trying out some AA games like Atomic Hearts and Redfall without feeling like I've wasted $60 was awesome. My wife isn't much of a gamer, but she's sunk a couple hundred hours into Dreamlight Valley this year. Being able to cancel when I'm busy and pick it back up the next month makes it a good deal for me.

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You're definitely using it right! Starting and stopping the subscription really increases its value. I always forget to do that when I'm busy 😅

What's been your favourite smaller game you played on Game Pass?


There are two I think to get my favorite:

Weird West. It's a very strange super natural western where you start playing as a retired bounty hunter. It's all around weird and gets stranger as you go. Top-down game, with no spoken dialogue but not a ton of reading.

Planet of Lana. Side scrolling puzzle game with a fun chonky cat as a companion. very good music in it as well

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Chonky cat companion you say? Only 4-6 hours to beat? That's moving to the top of the list! 😁

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I have one question @boomer - What is brinning..... But as an ultimate customer for the pass, super excited!


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