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MatPat of The Theorists

People might know him best for Film Theory and appearing in the Five Nights at Freddy's adaptation, but I know him best from Game Theory. He was the first, to my knowledge, to use thesis-led university practices and apply them to video games, creating some truly bizarre opinions that had so much research and backing that they were difficult to argue with.

As a massive Zelda fan, my favourite and the video that hooked me to this creator was 'Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?' I was nearing the end of my A-level studies, and psychology was one of my courses. He applied one of my favourite aspects, the Kubler-Ross model of grief, and justified how Link and the NPCs around him all exhibit different parts of it. It also gave reason as to why this game stood out in the series, aside from Zelda making no appearance. Game Theory: Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask? - YouTube

There are over a decade's-worth of theories to browse if you haven't already. Sadly, he's retiring from the screen now that he's built a huge empire, but his philosophy continues onwards with proteges. Whether they'll measure up is an entirely different question, but we couldn't expect him to go on forever.

As a bonus, here's the current-latest video. It expertly documents how to introduce someone to gaming step by step using research and deduction:

For a deep dive into the world of gaming, The Escapist is a standout choice, particularly the series Zero Punctuation, pioneered by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw since around 2007.

This weekly tear-down series is a masterclass in dissecting game mechanics and industry trends, where Yahtzee's sharp wit and critical eye offer insightful, entertaining critiques. The Escapist also produces excellent documentaries like "The Making of EVE Online," presented at EVE Fanfest 2023. This documentary is a must-watch for its in-depth exploration of the game's development and its unique place in the gaming world. You can check it out here.

So if I wanted honest information on games, what they are, whether are they worth it, and what's wrong with them, I go to Asmongold, and excuse this next part "no bullshit filter" or lack thereof, is why I have always admired him to give me honest games reviews and information on games.

This was released 6 hours ago as of now and it's exactly what you are asking for

Even though he does various types of content, when I want honest and detailed opinion about FFXIV from someone who actually knows the game and isn't just there to jump on a popular "this content is bad" bandwagon, I go to MrHappy.

After every major content he posts a video analysing it, talking about what he liked and what could be changed for better. There were some changes to the reward system of the Criterion dungeons in FFXIV based on player feedback and here is MrHappy talking about these:

I really like the constructive criticism in his videos, how he compares content, changes to the game's playerbase or takes into account the different playstyles people have from casual to HQ raider. He's been playing FFXIV since 1.0 so definitely someone who talks from experience and has an incredible knowledge of the game.

My go to for opinions and informative videos would definitely have to be Jade PG. He not only does reviews, but tips and tricks videos and of course gameplay videos. He always goes in depth with his opinions and is always very honest!

Not really long-form creator, but my pick is journalist and author of Blood, Sweat and Pixels Jason Schreier. If you haven't read his book is i HIGHLY recommend it. He dives into the stories of what it takes to build and create so of our favorite games. from the hours and crunch that game developers had to endure for GTA V to the wonders to how Uncharted was created.

I really enjoy Leon Talks a lot on youtube. He mostly does analysis videos on different characters in games - which is maybe why i like him so much! character development, motives and dialogue are really important to me if im going to get really invested in a game hehe.

This is my favourite video of his.

I enjoy watching General Sam. His style melding humor into a formal presentation about the game he's reviewing or commenting on is what sets him apart.

Sitting casually in a hawaiian shirt, legs crossed and ranting derisively into a handheld microphone while game footage plays behind him. You soon find yourself forgetting what the title of the video was. What was the point he was trying to make before veering off on his 3rd tangent? Suddenly I'm listening to him talk, without hearing his words. It draws you in and is just a fun watch.


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