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The perfect ergonomic controller for me is the Xbox controller. The original was one of the weirdest choices in gaming history - it was absurdly big for me as a 10 year old. But, since they released the 'S' version, I've always preferred that layout and the latest versions for the Series X are ideal for me. The only thing I'd add would be a bit of ventilation or something to the underside for those tense sections where my palms get a bit sweaty 😥

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Are there any controllers with vents? Because I need that too haha

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GameCube controller for me! I just found it ridiculously comfortable and I've got the USB adapter for it so I can use it on PC for games that don't need all the trigger buttons at least.

May also have something to do with my GameCube modding obsession as well...

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I’ve had one of those adapters in my Amazon cart for ages haha. I’d love to play some of the neo retro survival horror games on Steam with a good old GC pad.

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Buttons aside I think the GC controller is the best in terms of comfort. I think they did loads of ergonomic designs and before settling on the final shape. I think its the large curved shoulder buttons that make it incredibly natural to fit around your hand

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This one:

We used to constantly break C64 joysticks after 6-12 months when I was young. Bought this one and we laughed because it had a 5 year warranty and no way would it last 5 years with our usage! We would be able to constantly claim on it and never have to buy one again!

it ended up having a crazy amount of use and saw us through the C64, Amiga 500, CD32 and Megadrive before the next gen thing we got did away with the universal port everyone used. I really don't know how they manufactured these or how they made the components so long lasting but someone did a very good job to not have to pay for that 5 year warranty promise!

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to be completely honest I used to only use pc so now whenever I play with a controller i sometimes get a bit confused hahahah

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Ha that sounds familiar, but I'm the other way...console gamer at heart, so when I panic the keys around W.A.S.D. get mashed! 😂

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Hands down the Xbox 360 controller. It's so good that even Nintendo took it and called it the pro-controller! Although the playstation controller is comfortable I do think the asymmetric joysticks are the way to go


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