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I am definitely gonna be back here in a week with a non-submission submission

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This may be a bit of a wild card but I would love to start a hillbilly nation!

Now I know, hillbillys are not a nation however at one point in history, a tribe or group expanded to become a nation. So why not the humble hillbilly?

You could choose to play them as a simple but hardy folk or a darker path of the threatening type from Wrong Turn / Hills Have Eyes films.

The Hillbilly nation would be ramshackle and low tech but quick to build with fewer resources.

They could also capture enemy units/ settlements and consume them to replenish health, multiply or expand.

The first game that comes to mind is civilization but could work in any game.

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That could be cool, though I suspect they might prefer to be called the Appalachian Nation (or something similar)!

DYK! The term "hillbilly" is Scottish in origin. In Scotland, the term 'hill-folk' referred to people who preferred isolation from the greater society, and 'billy' meant 'comrade' or 'companion'. Today, some consider the term to be a form of slur or, at the very least, a derogatory term for rural Americans

In the context of civilisations, the Williamites (who some say were the origin of the term after they emigrated from the British Isles to settle in the hills of North America) could be a really interesting diaspora to explore.

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This is an easy one for me.

One of my all-time favorite games is Pharoh, the reason I loved the game was because of the trade aspect and the fact that each Map was about making sure you produced enough to import other things without going bankrupt, and in other aspects, you could build this massive monuments which you had to either import or mine, but also you had to police the area, keep up health care, import food if needed.

So ancient Egypt for me, I wish they would re-master Pharoh!

But also because, IMO the human race has fallen since ancient Egypt and I think they are probably the most advanced humans have become and then fallen, technology to our outlook on life? Not a contest.

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Pharaoh got an HD remake last year! I used to love it too, and Caesar 3.

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OMG, I had no idea, I am so all over that, Rich you are a legend mate.

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I love playing tall in games like this, one where you are so influential you don't even need to own the land to dominate. Countries like Venice, Genoa, Netherlands, ones with massive naval and trade impact have always been my top choice when playing any strategy game. In Empire TW I loved my campaign as the Netherlands and Adelbert Van Antwerp, my legendary general who fought off all of Europe.


I think an interesting alt-history civilisation could be humans co-existing with dinosaurs. You could imagine how living with dinosaurs would change the course of human history.

The civilisation could start out as just humans and you need to research into taming or harnessing the power of the dinosaurs. Starting out with using them to help use machinery like plows or carts. The civilisation would evolve to use dinosaurs as mounts, knights on Triceratops or Velocitor Raptors pulling chariots. Human architecture would change to help house or defend against dinosaurs.

The civilisation could then evolve to make dinosaurs more intelligent, either using technology or natural evolution. This could allow dinosaurs to use tools more effectively and function without human oversight. You could even kill off the human part over time and have the dinosaurs rule.

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I could go for the easy option and just say Poland, and go on a conquest to re-establish Poland-Lithuania, however I recently did a super enjoyable playthrough of CK3 as just a random tribe in the Steppe, turning into a huge empire spanning most of the region. Going with one of those unknown tribes in the area, or say somewhere like Siberia, then turning it into this giant force is very cathartic.

However by far my favourite way to play games, be it RPGs, strategies, etc., is to avoid conflict, and achieve my goals through other means. That is where smaller Italian city states would be awesome to play as for example, or some other small yet rich nation.

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I would say the Dothraki from GoT!

We'd get to grow our hair long, and ride horses, and swing swords around! All the things that i have never been able to do! :D

Jokes aside - i think they would be a cool as they seem to have a significant amount of honour, are fearless, and strong and skillful in what they do.

They also have good facial hair.

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I've had a chance to see an early version of the game, and it's really impressive.

In Millennia, your choice of starting civilization isn’t crucial. While the initial bonuses are nice, they quickly become overshadowed by other game mechanics. The critical elements are selecting the right Age sequence and National Spirits (or identity). Beginning with the Bronze Age (II), you're presented with meaningful choices. For my 1st playthrough, I'm considering the Olympians Nation for its diplomatic advantages. I believe it offers a unique challenge, especially if you aim to win through economic domination. Yes, you can win w/o killing everyone =)

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I'm not great at strategy games but I do enjoy watching people who are play them! Let's fully dive into the alternative part of alternative history!

New World Civilization All civilizations are gone and have been for a while. Many years later, a new one surfaces. Playing this civilization lets you discover the wonders and technology of various civilizations that came before. That way, you could have a sci-fi pyramid as well as a Death Valley solar center or layered cities à la Deus Ex or Final Fantasy. You wouldn't be limited to a specific civilization's known style. If you can discover them without falling victim to whatever discoveries brought about their end.

Desert Warriors What if you applied the style of Mad Max vehicles to an entire city or civilization? Maybe built around precious water sources in the style of Frostpunk? Desertpunk?! V8 engines and desert steampunk applied to an entire civilization sounds like a fun concept to me.


I would have to go back and be an Atlantian during the Peak of Atlantis!

Like just being able to be part of that incredible civilization which was supposedly so advanced that ancient Egypt looked up to them! WOW!

Settling in a beautiful ring like city structure surrounded by vast ocean with technology lost to time..... all before it was wiped out do to the Yunger Dryas Impact (and most of civilization)... then from the ashes a few Atlantian's spread out over the earth to help rebuild society after this catastrophic disaster!

Now if they ever did exist, this blows my mind, as Ancient Egypt is just phenomenal and would have been my pick but I saw I had been beat to it, so my secondary would be Atlantis... Now the story goes (I think) that the Romans were told of Atlantis by the Egyptians, and if Atlantis massively pre-dates both of those powerful civilizations but was far more advanced the mind boggles at what has been lost to time! Especially considering I'm convinced the pyramids in Egypt were made using some form of technology lost to time, so what would have a ring city in the ocean have been like!?

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Have you ever seen artists' depictions of ancient Baghdad? Your image really reminds me of them:


wow! No I haven’t I will check them out


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