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Video Games

Mate that looks sick, plus you get bonus points from me because I love spider man :)

haha thanks fam! Yeah I was really shocked how much I liked it and how well it turned out! Haha spider man is tha man!!

Deadpool follows in close second!

You’ve got the perfect mix of enthusiasm and engaging editing practices without yelling and cutting around like a Liam Neeson fight scene. Great video!

haha thanks! I appreciate the kind words! I know what you mean about too much editing I can’t watch YouTube videos that are a thousands a second and shouting galore either lol

Hey mate, great video. As a photographer, I work a lot with models who wear glasses. I do not know if the reflection bothers you or not, but you can avoid it if you remove all light sources from your eye level (light, screens, phones). You can move them lower or higher, just not on the same level.

Some models prefer to use contact lenses just for the session duration.

Here is a video tip and demonstration. And it's true to any light, not just ringlight

EASY TRICK! Get Rid of Ring Light Glasses Reflection | Using a ring light with glasses (

aww dude thanks yeah I always get glare from my screen so I will check it out! I could learn lots from you! I need to up my camera game in the future too as I’ve managed to improve my audio from what it was previously but not been able to afford a decent camera yet or anything so still using webcams and iPhones for product shots!

I’ve got the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra. Chunky price tag, but 4K 30FPS and 1080 60FPS. I love it

oh nice I’ll check it out, I had my eye on the Elgato 4k facecam one as I have a load of Elgato gear which I love but I can’t afford it just now, need to get saving

iPhone is fine, you can try to put your screen flat or angled on books or something, so you can peek and get that reflection removed, play around a bit - it will pay well as eye visibility instantly ups production value.


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