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Mass Effect 3. Mordin Solis. Dont want to get into spoilers but that broke my heart.

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I’ve never actually played the MA games except a little of the very first, but I know that character from the general zeitgeist of gaming. Not sure why you’re referring to, so spoiler affectively avoided lol

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Red Dead 2. That’s all.😭

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low key feel for Arthur and Mary

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FFXV (I'll try as spoiler free as I can) - you are just roaming around the world with your friends on a happy adventure and exploration, get some sad news from home, fine you still carry on... then sh*t hits the fan and you are rudely reminded that you are playing a Final Fantasy game and this won't be a happy ending because there will be a price to play. Then a certain song plays as the credits roll and I threw my controller across the room and bawled my eyes out. A while after the same song was playing at an event where I was working and it was the hardest thing not to cry...

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I am going to say one thing

Life Is Strange....

Tears enough to go round!

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the bay or bae decision is not easy for those that have experienced Max and Chloe's story

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There are just too many:

  • Letting go of Agro at the end of Shadow of The Colossus

  • The Ending of Persona 3 or 5 - having the end of the school year and saying bye to the friends you made along the way

  • The Walking Dead Season 1 ending (and to a lesser extent Season 2)

  • MGS 3: showing me what a real patriot is

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Spiderman for ps4,


COD Modern Warfare 2- General Shepard's betrayal when he shoots you. I really didn't see it coming at all and I was very upset about it. And now I'm a bit heartbroken about how bad COD stories have gotten.

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Boomer was my powerhouse

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That connection genuinely hadn’t even crossed my mind, that is hilarious haha


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