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Video Games

Daymare 1998 is absolutely incredible for easter eggs, film and gaming alike. The dev team has immense love and knowledge for the genre.

There are too many to count, but my favorite by far was an address plaque in the town with the name of the doctor from Arachnophobia on it. Such a throwaway reference which I wouldn’t have caught if I hadn’t so happened to rewatch the movie a few weeks prior.

Pretty much what Ready Player One was based on!

Last Easter Egg I had discovered was in Gears of War 2 where I stumbled upon this toaster which I thought was hilarious.

However my favourite Easter Egg would be Arkham Asylum's hidden Arkham City room which wasn't discovered until a lot later. That or Factor 5's Rogue Squadron obsession of adding this damn car into all their Star Wars games

the car is ridiculous yea :)) love it

I remember the first ever gaming easter egg I found. It was GTA vice city and it was hidden behind a fake window (thats before windows became see through kids).

And what was behind this window?

An actual easter egg...


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