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since i sux at QTE mechanics, i always prefer to keep smashing

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It’s a valid tactic for sure.

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It obviously depends on the game, but as much as I love parrying, in general I find dodging more fun. In Bloodborne I feel like dodging is a bread and butter tactic where parrying is a bit more situational, and that being flipped in Sekiro made it a bit harder for me to get into. That said, playing the Stellar Blade demo, parrying is way more fun

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Yeah Sekiro definitely won’t let you get too far ONLY dodging. In BB I parried anything it was possible to parry which is quite a bit more than it seemed on the surface.

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Generally I find dodging more fun and half the time I forget how to parry or just get super frustrated when I mistime it. You'll see me just rolling around the screen!

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Haha I have the exact opposite issue I’m like “unblockable attack? What’s dodge again??”

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I find it hard to master parry. I should have published a behind the scenes video for my FFXVI Odin trial guide on how long it took me to manage a successful parry to put in the video 😂

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I prefer to dodge. I skipped fallen order and got survivor.

I always avoid parying in games, as the timing can become frustrating for me.

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btw design wise, parry usually more rewarding, as it opens an opportunity attack, damage reflection or something similar. But it more strict time window.

Dodge have a bigger reaction window, and also allows to completely avoid damage, but at cost of character displacment and/or animation time.

And block, usually means just a damage reduction or bigger stamina loss.

Thats what i remembered from game designe school


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