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I reckon Shadow Moses would smell like Alaska. Pine trees on a good day, gun smoke, wolf pee, and cigarettes on a bad day.

When I think weird gaming merch/ promo stuff you're more often go lewd with Leisure Suit Larry/ Conker's Bad Fur Day merchandise. Dead Island also came under fire with their collectable standee back in the day.

So to keep it somewhat PG, I'd have to bring it back to GrassHopper Manufacture No More Heroes.

If you've played NMH, you know that our boy Travis Touchdown saves the game by taking a break on the can. So as part of the pre-order bonus, they gave away NMH toilet paper! It was a different time back in 2007 but I'm sure NMH fans would love to have a roll to keep on their Travis shrine at home (hopefully its not near the porcelin throne)

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Limited edition Sonic curry, anyone?


awww man I’d love to try that for a laugh lol

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Real USSR gasmask by Chernobylite

Dry cologne by GTFO

Compression pink-blue socks by FatShark

Seeds of Pepper and a soil to plant them by Capcom (Monster Hunter) ironically it came with a beer mug.

50ml shot glass by CCP games

Thats first what comes to my mind

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When Assassin's Creed Mirage was released, they also released a haptic vest you can put on. Ever wanted to feel what it's like to be stabbed in Assassin's Creed? Well, now you can!

It's not just for when enemies attack you though. You can think of it like controller rumble for your upper body. This is definitely not something I would've ever thought about. It's 500 moneys, too! But at least it comes with a copy of the game. 😂

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😂 there's a definitely a point at which you don't want more immersion. No thanks, that's quite immersive enough!


LOL this is a cracker! just like the matrix, you die in the game you die in real life LOL


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