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I would LOVE to see Air Traffic Control get some serious care and affection.

There's loads of AI tools lile BeyondAtc and Say Intentions on the way, and of course plugins like VATSIM, but I would just settle for a built-in ATC that doesn't want to fly me into a cliff, or make me wait on a taxiway for a bus that has inexplicably decided to park in front of a 747.

I'd also really like some community multiplayer tools. The old games had proper servers you could join - doing fun activities like landing challenges and flybys. I miss those spontaneous connections with other pilots.

But aside from all of that, I just want something that makes me feel like I can do that thing which I'll probably never get to do... Make a hunk of metal that weighs 35 double-decker buses go up.

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I'm not a Air Simulator player but I've got some fun ideas! Remember the old Need For Speed cars when you could completely customise your car with sponsors, change of wheels, rims, and so on. But imagine that for planes. Full customisation of engines, colours, logos, names, and wheels. Could be super fun! I think outside that the idea of picking almost any plane available in the world would be a great addition for longer playthroughs and give those passionate a proper experience!


This comment will recieve a lot of hate but its not intended to be totally serious. We had a family friend who had a full physical built cockpit in a spare room in house set up for microsoft flight simulator. This was around 13 years ago. And we had the full tour . I now appreciate how impressive the set up was and really why it is a serious hobby.

but back then we would joke it would be hilarious if my and my friend were able to load up flight simulator and keep shooting down his plane on long haul flights. we never did .

But i do appreciate some of the videos of people messing around like doing loop the loops with hot air balloons.

so i guess my answer is a server for people who want to act like idiots and have a laugh.

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Flight Simulator 2024 + Kerbal space program 2 = Heaven. We need the ability to build our own flying machines, please!

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The game itself is already visually fantastic, with live weather updates and excellently modelled airports for many cities around the world. Where I think the game can really benefit is creating an even more immersive world.

Mrs Damo is an aviation enthusiast so these ideas are what I think would ensure this game takes over the games room on a more permanent basis.

  • Ground control jobs. The ability to play as a refuelling engineer, a luggage handler or a ground marshall. These all take place in an MMO environment where real FS 2024 pilots are carrying out their pre flight checks and waiting for their taxi to the runway.

  • Flight attendant roles. Again in an MMO environment, your role is to look after the passengers on the plane. There could be events occurring such as people becoming disorderly, entertainment devices not working or annoying kids kicking seats!

  • An aviation photographer mode. I know we have photo modes and the ability to take screenshots whenever. But turn this into a real role within the game. You need to choose your airport, pick the best spot and try to capture the best images of real players taking off, landing and taxiing. These can then be shared in a portal, or sent to the pilots and flight attendants on the planes. There could be specific challenges, or scrap books to complete, like a passport with stamps for different airports or carriers.

Great question and some great ideas from others here.

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A plane spotter mode in this MMO would be great too


The Ryanair DLC. Where everytime you fly the plane in game you have to pay a microtransaction and now matter how skilled or good you are at landing that you will always have a rough landing! Somehow now matter how bad the turbalance or bad the aircraft and landing it still manages to work no matter how old the aircraft

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I need an EasyJet mod too a la Airline if my life ever gets too comfortable and I need the anxiety attack of barely making it to the gate on time only to be calmed down by Saint Leo

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The best thing I'd love to see added to the next Flight Simulator is a fully interactive and customizable cockpit experience, allowing players to personalize their cockpit layout, instruments, and controls according to their preferences and flying style.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been a groundbreaking game, setting the standard for virtual aviation. With the upcoming 2024 edition, I have high expectations for features that will make the simulation even more immersive, realistic, and enjoyable for players. Here's what I'd like to see in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Expanded Scenarios and Activities One of the most exciting aspects of flight simulation is the ability to explore different scenarios. In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, I hope to see a wider variety of missions and activities. This could include search and rescue operations, firefighting missions, air racing, and other specialized aviation tasks. These varied scenarios would keep the gameplay interesting and offer unique challenges for players.

Enhanced Weather Effects Weather is a critical factor in aviation, and I would like to see more dynamic and realistic weather effects in the new game. This includes complex storm systems, hurricanes, snowstorms, and other extreme weather conditions that affect flight performance. By adding these elements, the simulation would not only be more engaging but also more challenging.

More Realistic Air Traffic The simulation of air traffic plays a big role in creating a realistic experience. In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, I hope for a more robust AI system that replicates real-world air traffic patterns. This would mean enhanced interactions with control towers, increased ground traffic at airports, and overall, a busier and more vibrant virtual airspace.

Greater Aircraft Variety Diversity in aircraft types is essential for keeping the game fresh. I would like to see a broader selection of aircraft, including regional jets, helicopters, vintage planes, and even experimental aircraft. This variety would allow players to explore different aspects of aviation, from commercial flights to recreational flying and historical aircraft.

Improved Terrain and Environment Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been known for its stunning visuals, but there's always room for improvement. In the 2024 edition, I hope for further enhancements to the terrain and environment. This includes more detailed landscapes, accurate topography, and unique geographical features like volcanoes, glaciers, and canyons. These improvements would make exploring the virtual world even more enjoyable.

Multiplayer Improvements The multiplayer experience is a significant part of the game for many players. In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, I'd like to see enhanced multiplayer capabilities, such as larger shared lobbies, cooperative missions, and easier communication with other players during flight. This would encourage collaboration and make multiplayer flights more enjoyable.

Expanded Virtual Reality (VR) Support Virtual Reality offers a unique level of immersion, and I hope that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 provides improved VR support. This would mean optimized controls, better compatibility with various VR devices, and an overall smoother VR experience.

Customizable Cockpits and Aircraft Customization adds a personal touch to any game. In the new edition, I would like to see more options for customizing cockpit layouts, instrument panels, and aircraft liveries. This would allow players to personalize their experience and create their unique aircraft.

Historical Flight Scenarios Another interesting addition could be historical flight scenarios. These could include missions or campaigns that allow players to experience historic flights or events. It would add educational value and a sense of nostalgia to the game.

Integration with Real-World Data Finally, to make the simulation as accurate as possible, I'd like to see more integration with real-world data. This could include real-time flight information, updated airport layouts, and navigation aids. By including these elements, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 would be even more realistic and enjoyable for aviation enthusiasts.

These are the features I hope to see in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

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I enjoyed playing the latest flight sim (hard to believe it was 4 years ago! but what I was really disappointed in was the lack of gamification. I know its a sim game but it could have been so much more!

I gather this is happening to a degree in FS 2024 but hopefully they go really into it, having a pilot career mode and its not just a choice of a few missions on a dull menu (which is what I expect it to be). Lets say you could visit a flight school and earn qualifications to be able to get different jobs. With how well you do at the entry level allowing you to progress to harder and harder scenarios, or more and more advanced planes/helicopters and locations to perform the jobs in.

I like the idea that this could be in the form of running a flight contracting business as well, where the money you earn from the jobs is reinvested into the aircraft your business has and its facilities. This can also facilitate the levelling and progression systems. Of course this would also allow them to bring in all sorts of cosmetic tat as well, for your home facilities, aircraft interiors and paint jobs.

So yeah, that's what I would like to see! keep the sim side how it is now, but add on all this optional gamified side to it, so its much more than just a sim!

One additional addition. The install process of the game is one of the worst I've seen. you download a 3gb installer. Which then on launch does an update with no text to explain what's happening, just a bar. This then just stops at the end, you have to quit and relaunch, at which point another update starts to download the 113gb of standard content made up of 509 different packages files. These do not download at anywhere near your full internet speed on gigabit broadband, and as there are loads of different little package files instead, its constantly stopping and starting dealing with each file, before proceeding to the next.

After this you then need to go into the "shop" and download all the free patches/and add ons that have been released over the 4 years, which also takes forever.

Overall it takes practically a whole day to get the game installed, whether you have fast internet or not. This needs to be fixed for the new version. Just get it to download 1 big zip file and then sort it all out post download. Copy what fifa does where you get a little mini version of the game to play while its doing it all in the background.

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I'd like to have more interactive flights by seeing people get on and having to ensure that they are relatively satisfied throughout the flight (which is impossible heheh)

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That would be cool. Nice idea.

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I would love for these games to include fighter jets and such, for the fun zone, not for serious flying but, for the fun aspect of it all.


While it might sort of go against the whole 'Simulator' premise a little, to be able to carry out landings in emergency situations would be really cool.

It could be made up or real scenarios that may have been seen eg landing on the Hudson River.

Maybe incentivising it by adding an online leaderboard for smoothness of landing/execution etc could create some really good streaming viewership and a competitive edge.

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There have been some fantastic submissions to this bounty.

I think sky travel is on the minds of a lot of young people though getting into the industry is another kettle of fish. If there are young pilots wanting to fly commercial I was hoping they'd include referral links/ sign posting to open days to player's local area to where they can learn more about the career path. Even a small simulator/ tutorial setting out the career path or mode. An addendum to another JA community member's request for a Air Traffic Control mode: Air Traffic Control is an excellent path for those without a college degree, well paid, respected if not highly stressful.


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