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wait idk if im being stupid but i'm confused what this actually means bahahah

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No worries. It means, do you invert your controllers. Standard- up is up and down is down vs inverted up is down and down is up. 😁

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ohhhh ok - i didn't even know you could do that!

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The fact you didn’t even know it was an option is such a pure response lol

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now it makes sense! i was having a silly moment :D

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For me it depends what games I’m playing. I’m never actually touched Golden eye 😛 If I’m playing 3rd person standard. If I’m playing racing, FPS and flight I play inverted. And that’s inverted for controllers and inverted for Mouse as well 🤣

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Oh interesting distinction! I do NOT play inverted on mouse because like with a d-pad up is up to me.

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Doesn't a lot of inverted Y controls and options come from flying? You push forward on a controller to go down in an aircraft and pull back to go up... someone who doesn't play those types of games it's never really been a problem. I will stick with not inverted.

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I think some people do play on standard. Even the flying games. And some ppl like me play FPS inverted as well, upside down. It may seem strange to some, but everyone has their preferences 😄

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Correct, and while it was a mechanical choice back in the day the connection with the human neck just really sticks with me. If someone had their hand on the top of your head and wanted you to look down, they would push “up.”

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I grew up with the New School of Y-Axis (Up is up and down is down) instead of the Old School of Y-Axis (Up is down and down is up). I don't think there is a right or wrong way to have the Y-Axis because it is more of a sign if you started gaming when games were not that common (Before 2000) or if you started more recently (After 2000)

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That’s kinda my point! There really is no “right” way. I’m an inverted player… unless I’m working with buttons. Then up is up.

My best friend is the same age as me and we played the same games, but he plays “standard.”

It’s really interesting to introspect on the issue to try and figure out what made you choose the setting you choose.

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Scrolling behavior depends on the input device used. For instance, with a mouse, you pull towards yourself to scroll down, whereas on touchscreens or touchpads, you swipe away from yourself. The same principle applies to analog sticks. These options accommodate users who may not be comfortable using a mouse.

Additionally, there's an option to invert the mouse scroll wheel, which can be quite amusing. We often play pranks on colleagues who forget to lock their computers by inverting their scroll settings - a classic office joke

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Oh, that's dark. That's daaark. We used to just do the flip-the-orientation with our non-lockers lol

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I dont invert. I went back and played rachet and clank a few years ago and the camera messed my brain up 😂. The only tim ai want down to mean up is in a flying game.

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an inverted y-axis makes perfect sense on an analog stick because of how a human neck works

That's interesting, because for me it's a question of where the camera exists.

For third-person games the camera is behind the player. I imagine a lever passing through the head and pivoting at the neck, so pushing down makes you look up (inverted makes sense).

For first-person games the camera is inside the eyes, so there is no lever, so up is up and down is down (standard makes sense).

All that said, I'm a standard controls for everything person 😄

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I can totally see that. A lot of old PS2 games in 3rd person had inverted x-axis and while that isn’t how I want it, it does make a lot of sense if you think of the camera mounted on a pole sticking out of the back of the character.

The only time I actually don’t invert is when using a d-pad. Flat controls make sense for up being up to me but on analog sticks it doesn’t haha.


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