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Sony just trying to occupy south Korean market, which is PC oriented. These attempts to sale hardware so toxic for gaming industry.

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apart from being developed by Koreans, what is it about this game that appeals to S Koreans that other games don’t do?

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The fact that the game was developed by Koreans, including prominent figures like Kim Hyung Tae, significantly appeals to their gaming community, at least according to my friends who live there.

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I'm not familiar with the hardware preferences in South Korea, but there are plenty of benefits to disrupting established markets. Consoles tend to be cheaper over the lifespan of the hardware, which could open up access to a wider base of players. It also means that existing companies need to innovate to fight off the new competition, meaning better products or lower prices for the consumer. Overall some healthy competition is good for everyone.

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I’m glad users are enjoying the game too! Even if it could be reverse review bombing- positive feedback is great for those working in the industry!

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The demo was really fun! I'm still not really used to the £70 price tag of Sony-published games and I want to clear a space for an Elden Ring playthrough so I haven't picked it up yet, but I definitely wanna pick it up at some point.


Controversies around the portrayal of the Eve and then the censoring of her outfits after aside, the game is great!

I'm about 10 hours in and aiming to complete all side quests/collectibles on this playthrough and will be happily complete a second playthrough for the platinum.

The story is OK so far, nothing mind blowing and the characters themselves are maybe a little void of real personality BUT the combat is brilliant. While a soulslike, I find the combat more fluid and exciting because there is more flair. The combos are neat and and the controls are very responsive.

It's much more accessible than the Souls games too, providing far more difficulty adjusters. That doesn't mean the game is easy though far from it. You still need to consider enemy attacks and their combo timings etc, alongside working on timings of parrying and dodging attacks but I feel they've nailed the difficulty balance.

If you have a ps5, I would 100% recommend this to any action and/or soulslike game lovers!


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