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I'm currently between games, but I spent the last week playing through Bayonetta having just bought the PS4 version for £5 on the PlayStation store.

It's one of my favourite games so I've played through it a bunch of times before, but I'm always kinda floored by how good it is. It has one of my favourite bosses ever, too, which afterwards I was on such a high that I felt the need to capture it

I think next week I'm going to start a new Elden Ring playthrough in preparation for the DLC in June

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How is the port on PS4? I held off getting it on PS3 since I heard it was inferior to the 360 version

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It's brilliant, much better than the PS3 version! I played it on a PS5 so there may have been some extra performance bump as a result, but it was more or less perfect. The higher definition visuals make everything really pop, and it all felt very smooth to me. The only negatives I would say are that some of the cutscenes are still in 720p, and since the loading screens are so fast on PS5, you don't get any time to practice combos between levels.

I think this will be the version I play going forward, I can't see myself going back to the Switch version unless I want to play handheld, or I feel a particular desire to dress up as Princess Daisy

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I kinda do want to play as Princess Daisy...


I've been jumping between Dragon's Dogma 2 and Helldivers 2, too!

I just arrived in Battahl and am once again overwhelmed with the exploration that awaits.

Also looking forward to the new armor and emotes in Helldivers :)

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I've put FFXIV as it's still my game which gets the most time (trying to wrap up things before Dawntrail release) but also playing the FFXVI DLC, FF7Rebirth and Lunar Lander Beyond at the moment. FF7Rebirth, FF7 Ever Crisis and Nightingale are still there but I barely had any time for them lately :(

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Currently playing Grayzone, Manor Lords and started on the Mass Effect Legendary edition after getting it on sale.

I also started a bard character for Baldur's Gate which I really need to get back to. I'm terrible for not finishing games I buy.

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How is Gray Zone? I've got my eye on it as someone who played a bit of Tarkov but not loads, but also felt a little late to the party, so I'm curious if Gray Zone is worth getting in on as early as possible.

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I'm going through Yakuza Kiwami 2 at the moment on PS4. I've got my 360 set up as well so been plugging away at a smaller game called Half Minute Hero since I loved it on PSP back in the day

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I'm working my way to level 100 on Diablo 4, but I think I'll break that up a bit by going back to Fallout 76 again.

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My rotation has heavily included Nightingale, but also Helldivers 2, Fallout 3 (first time playing), The Sims 4 (making The Flintstones), and now Smalland (thanks a lot JA community! lol) Red Dead Online is always in rotation too. It's one of my favorites!

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Fallout 76, a bit of Dragon's Dogma 2, Randomized Run of Dark Souls (Random enemies and items), a bit of Manor Lords, bit of Helldivers 2, bit of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.... Not enough time in the world to play them all consistently.

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Also Sea of thieves. Couldn’t select more than one in the poll 😁

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Sifu. I literally can’t stop playing the challenges lol.


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