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Red Dead devastated me the first time around - I absolutely cried! Arthur Morgan is a good man 😭

Also cried laughing about 5 minutes into Red Dead Online as I was almost immediately lasso'd and yeeted off a cliff. Truly the Wild West!

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Ugh Arthur, there are some scenes I can't rewatch! And then you have those fun RDO scenarios! I once tried to give someone a ride and accidentally bucked her off my horse and shot her.. it was truly an accident too, I couldn't get the controls right 😂

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I liked Red dead 1 but l connected with the story more in read dead 2. Like you said it was a great story with ups and downs.

Recently I came across the concept of "cozy gaming" and I realised I do that with red dead 2. I get on the horse and just ride around the countryside without an aim or anything. It is nice and relaxing :)

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Yep! My husband's always telling me to go "do the story" whilst I trot around the countryside hunting or do some Sunday driving in GTA 😂

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haha "Sunday driving" love it! <3

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Ain't nothin' wrong with a little moseying ma'am

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I absolutely loved playing through RDR2. Of course the story and characters are amazing but my favourite thing to do was to stock up and head out hunting.

I never played the online though, Im not big on multiplayer games but it did look fun.

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The legendary hunts were epic. I always tried to go for the bow but ended up with the sawn off since they were so damn tough.

An epic moment which I failed to capture is diving out of the way of the wolf and dead eyeing him in the side of the head

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This will be a divisive opinion and I really wanted to like it but I can't get over the sluggish, unresponsive controls/animations and the annoying things the game does. It's a shame as I'm sure there is a good game in there but I just couldn't get on with it.

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Played RDR2 at the PC release, mostly kidnapping people in Online game hehe. The story was too intensive and at some point I abandoned it!

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One of my favourite games of last generation. I played through RDR and it was fine but didn't love it as much as RDR2. Maybe I'm more of an Arthur fan than John.

Haven't given the online play a go since cost of living forced me to axe a lot of subscriptions and PSN was one of the casualties

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Me me. As someone who spent most of my teenage years until today in gta online I was hoping to spend as much time in RDO. I love the main story, the characters. Lots of deep emotions. But I really hate rockstar for spending so much time on gta online and not RDO I understand it’s all about the money. GTA has a bigger player base. But don’t abandon content just like that. Give it a chance. We players are loyal. But I still love it for what it is. Just hanging out solo, fishing, drinking and shooting bad guys is always a good time.


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