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Video Games

I love this guy's commentaries on games and trailers but nice to see him getting stuck in playing live with friends.

Making fun of the obvious server issues they once experienced and friends getting booted from games.

And general Helldivers craziness makes for good viewing

Every single one of Dunkey's videos is comedy gold, without fail. Excellent shout!

I'm interested in Helldivers 2! While I don't have a personal favorite, I can share a popular third-party video that many players found interesting. "Helldivers 2 - Official PC Features Trailer” by IGN is a great watch. The video showcases the PC features of Helldivers 2, a third-person co-op action game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. The video highlights the vast and unforgiving galaxy that players will explore, full of deadly enemies and surprises. It's a compact video, clocking in at 1:35 minutes, and gives a good overview of what to expect from this game on PC.

I really like this video but then I love jackfrags simply because of how he presents videos!

So you gotta watch this, he's so good

Some jokes are mean, but overall i like this packed format of best moments

I found this to be really funny :D Helldivers 2 is always better with great friends

although i'm interested in the game, I haven't watched much of the gameplay. So here's a video that interest me, a good review of the game alongside a few gameplay highlights by Kelski.

I think one of my favourite views is the one that I’ve attached. It does a really good job of deep diving into what makes this game stand out and why it’s so good. I feel like the reviewer does a really good job of breaking on the game of mechanics and graphics and really focuses on like the fun factor And you can tell like they’ve spent so much time playing to understand the game and it really does come through as of you when you’re listening to the commentary so I would say because of this it did give me like a good understanding of what to expect from Hell divers and why it’s worth maybe playing !


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