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Oh nice! Another good one is FFXV, apparently all the food which appears in it have been tested by the devs that it indeed can be made over a campfire.

I got an FFXIV cookbook though... just sayin'... you know... for next time... 😇

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If this bounty is a success, I reckon that's something we'd be open to 😁

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This was not my first idea but I gave up trying to catch squirrels.

This is my take on Fallout 4s Food Paste!

Seen here in game at the Suffulk County Charter School. This lovely food supplement produced by Valt Teck includes all nutrients for children and grown adults alike, has a shelf life of over 100 years and tastes "delicious".

Sideffects may include addiction, turning skin pink with regular consumption, psychological effects such as irritability and homicidal rage.

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Ahh, delicious food paste! Nice touch on the Vault Boy figurine. So what... is it? I'm guessing taramasalata or Angel Delight


I chose Irradiated Deviled Eggs, alongside some homemade sourdough (it's a bread maker so not quite so impressive). The eggs are also our own, from our bantam silkies that were laid yesterday!

Added some chilli flakes for some extra oomph to go with the radiation! Very tasty I might add 👍 and a pic of my little one holding one of our chickens!


I made radstag stew from Fallout, but out of cake because I'm a horrible cook, yet somehow a decent baker.

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Excellent work. Was it tasty?


Thank you and yes, it was tasty, especially with a large mug of earl grey tea.


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