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I kind of want to play it on the PS5 pro seen as there is no PC version. But seen as I already have gamepass ultimate (via the stacking conversion trick being cheaper than pc gamepass) it makes sense to get an Xbox for it, rather than the extra expensive of having to get PS+ to play it online on top.

I bet when it does come to PC it doesn't have cross progression either (like GTAV doesn't) and you have to start from scratch.

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I'm still very salty about this. I know Rockstar have been doing this forever (releasing console versions first and then PC later; essentially double and triple dipping) but I don't understand how this is still a thing in 202X.

I've been playing GTA since GTA 2 and modding (read: PC gaming) has been keeping GTA alive for decades, ever since GTA 3, before GTAO was a thing. The fact that they still don't think much of the PC platform after all this time is really disheartening.

I know GTAO keeps the money rolling in, so they can afford to do this. But at this point, I'm ready to actually boycott this game. It's not a knee-jerk reaction, I'm not a child invested in the console/platform wars - but when I saw the first trailer and realized that a PC version won't come out before 2027, I decided that I'm done with Rockstar.

But to answer the question: maybe. But not for GTA. I once bought an Xbox 360 to play Forza and Metal Gear games. Later, all of them came to PC. Forza, however, has become a disappointment on PC recently, so I might buy a PS5 Pro if that actually comes out and they sprinkle some more frames on Gran Turismo. If I actually do that, I still don't think I'll bother with paying 80 € for GTA 6. At least, that's what I currently think about the situation.

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I am beyond angry about this, it's an absolute joke. Why would you deliberately isolate millions of gamers unless you have been paid off by Xbox/PS4 - It's just obvious and I am happy saying this publicly, this has to be the most stupid idea I have seen.

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Yeah, they are getting paid to be exclusive.

The best part is hearing AAA studios make excuses like "that's just to focus on a single platform to ensure quality" and then releasing a game full of bugs. Meanwhile, indie studios with 10 people ship a working product on a modern engine and support all possible platforms, including a downgraded version for the Nintendo Switch.

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Spending 500 bucks on a hardware just to play a single game? Nah, I'm not that loaded.


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