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I think George Harrison said it best in the Simpsons

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I dunno tbh, the other post you shared about what is essentially a mini xbox, would do well, I think there is a market but the issue with a lot of them is the price, why pay 500 for a mini console when you get the same for a full-sized one?

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I dunno about the min Xbox but the consoles listed on the discussion were more around $60-70 (so around the price of a full retail game). The mini-consoles came with a few 'all-star' games but I think there was too much controversy around them.

miniNES - not enough produced

miniSNES - again not enough produced. It did get a lot of press as it was the first time ever you could play Star Fox 2 as this was never released. However, as expected, it's an SNES game releasing in the modern day so reviewed pretty poorly

miniPSOne - again Sony trying to capture that Nintendo market and failing due to substandard ports and using emulators for the games?

For the record i have a miniSnes and I do love it for the nostalgia value and novelty but practically it's pretty useless. mini is in the name so its got super short wires for the controllers.
I think the market is more casuals - those that would buy it as a stocking stuffer from GAME, Gamestop or MenKind but don't really care that it has Mario RPG or Star Fox 2 on it. They just want to play Mario, Zelda, etc.
Essentially high end plug and play machines which the casuals would say is a bit too expensive for what it is and the more hardcore would be disappointed in the small library - when you compare it to a Raspberry Pi set up which can play soo much more for cheaper.

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I dunno where you where looking but they were a hell a lot more expensive in the UK mate

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I think it was a passing fad. Nintendo were the only ones to put thought in to it and the others jumped on the cashflow bandwaggon.

Personally if im going to play a retro game id prefer it on the actual console.

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My playing backlog so large, that i not even looking at them.

These are very niche devices, traffic wise the user base it nearly non existant.

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The ones that you can add your own titles onto wouldn't be a bad little device to have when you have the retro itch. Some of the built in titles on these have been a bit pants.

For me, it would be cooler to have the Famicom style ones over the NES/SNES, i always thought those looked cooler, especially the Super Famicom.

Would be cool to check out some of the PC ones as well ... they've made Minis of the C64, the Amiga and the Atari 400. I had a real Amiga 500 back in the day, but never had the others -- I was a Tandy kid.


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