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I'm keeping an eye out for the Hades II release date announcement. It feels like it's just around the corner, and any major gaming event now could be the moment we've been waiting for. The anticipation is high, and WASD 2024 could very well be the platform for this much-awaited reveal.

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Hades was such a good game! Are you a fan of roguelikes in general?

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Technically speaking, Hades is a Rogue-lite, not a pure Rogue-like, because it includes meta progression that carries over after each death. While I'm not the biggest fan of traditional Rogue games, the 'lite' aspect in titles like Hades appeals to me. It allows for replayability and encourages experimentation with unusual builds, which is the part I enjoy most.

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I don't really understand the term at all despite playing games for 30+ years. A dungeon crawl happens in lots of games that aren't called that so it's not that element. Maybe it's permadeath? But that was a concept in most games in the 80s and 90s, the original sonic - is that a rogue like?you can't save and it's permadeath, start from scratch like most games were. It really confuses me.

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A rogueLIKE is a game where the player death (or similar sort of reset) returns the entire game to its original state. You lose all levels, resources, and progress.

Sturmer is right that Hades is a rogueLITE, as some things carry over.

The difference is subtle but important.

RogueLITEs allow incremental improvements that build up to significant advantages, whereas rogueLIKEs rely solely on what you have learned about the game.

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yup, Rogue-Lite has a meta-progression, which eventually, even if you completely sux at the game will carry you over =) In Hades - it is weapons and mirror buffs.


That Balatro is coming to iOS! I can't put that game down, only when I'm not at my PC. So having it on mobile will be dangerous.

Also, a new third-person Hotline Miami would be great!

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This looks pretty fun! 🙂Are sessions meant to be long, or are they short but they've hooked you? 😄

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would love to get a follow up to Stranded Deep! Really enjoyed that game and I still go back to it every now and again 🥰

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The start of that trailer is so stressful! Could you imagine it in VR?😲 After that it looks nice and chill, except for all the sharks, storms, and the fact you're utterly stranded!

I'd absolutely check out a sequel though 😝


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