Sunmerhouse, because it’s super chill!

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It does look so chill! I shared a poll about it a little while ago. Unsurprisingly, people that want a low-toxicity community platform also like cosy, chill games! :D

Could you say a bit more about why you like Summerhouse? We're looking for submissions of 30 words or more, so feel free to share a few details.


Oh absolutely, it's super chill. And I think in the world we live and work in which is just surrounded with chaos, rushing and trying to be at the top of your game - being able to unwind with a super chill experience and just plod along is great. Not worrying about high scores, or how many enemies are left, just making feels look and feel nice. It's great to bring the kids along for the experience too!

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Thanks Dean, that's great!

This is going to sound a bit picky, but would you mind editing your original submission and adding that text in there?

When we award bounties we're only able to see submissions. I'd hate for you to miss out because we can't see your reply! Let me know if you have any questions :)

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Hey Dean, just a heads up that the bounty is closing later today. Let me know if you have any questions about my other reply. 🙂

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Bib Goes Home - Played it last year. It is an amazing idea and setup. Very easy to pickup and play. Endless possibilities. I am looking forward to seeing its evolution and where they are now.

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It's a really novel idea! I'm such a huge fan of playable tech and environments, alternative controls etc. There's a company near me that does a lot of large-scale projection mapping, and I'm always blown away by what they produce.

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Honestly all of it, it's going to be my first ever WASD con, so I am super excited about it period.

BUT... BoB Goes Home, well, name says it all xD

If it's what I think it is, because I was looking up the list of what looked good, maybe it's because I'm a dad but this one is a pop-up light book that is basically an adventure and I was looking forward to getting it, because my autistic daughter will love it and I will enjoy being able to play something with her that she will enjoy

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Hey EveOnlineTutorials, loving the enthusiasm! For the bounty though we're looking for thoughts on one of the games. Can you tell us more about why you're interested in BiB Goes Home?

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Edited, as I said, if it is what I think it is, I'm excited to get something I can play with my daughter :)

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I'm intrigued by Data Garden.

It's a bit of a mystery to me. Usually, I can quickly decode game mechanics from a trailer, but Data Garden eludes easy interpretation. It appears to involve data in some unique way, which naturally piques my interest!

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It really is a bit of a mystery!

A text-less comic-game hybrid about data, interaction and digital identity playable with only one button - [Steam]

I love the idea of it not having text, as it opens it up to a much wider audience.


Echo of the waves would be my choice looks like an intriguing puzzler. Very pretty graphics and some of the puzzle mechanics remind me a little of Viewfinder, which was a great play last year.

Sol Cesto also looks like it'll be worth a look!

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Viewfinder is on my wishlist 😊 How long did it take you to play through?

Echo of the Waves has such a beautiful art style, and it reminds me of these two:



Carto by Sunhead Games



It was about 7-8 hours without a guide, but I haven't quite platinum'd it as missed a few collectibles. It's a great game and a brilliant spin on the puzzler!

Thanks for those suggestions, Carto is free with PS Plus so I'll definitely give that a look 👍

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If these games have you excited then you'll want to check this WASD bounty out before it closes tomorrow!


I am always a fan of something that says that it has a new type of control scheme, so Turnp Mountain is one I want to play! Giant hands coming off of a turnup, moving around platforms the way the trailer shows, and collecting lots of objects just looks like a fun time.

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The controls look frustratingly fun 😄It reminds me a bit of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.


Also, just wanted to say I found your game jam newsletter really helpful! - unless I'm thinking of someone totally different! 😅

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so many cool games but there’s 2 that really caught my eye.

I thought summerhouse looked pretty bright and relaxing too. Definitely getting chill vibes from it.


The other one was Scared Little Ghost. I’m really curious to see more of this game as it looks like it’s got a good sense of humour about it! Made me chuckle :D


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Nice contrast... One cute but spooky 👻 🪦🌳 the other warm and relaxing 😎🏖️🏠


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