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I haven't read many graphic novels at all, but I really really love Watchmen and think everyone should read it!

Zack Snyder's film was a valiant effort, but didn't quite capture the spirit of the book imo

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the de-facto graphic novel IMO as an excellent deconstruction of the genre which is still relevant today. I also highly recommend the audio comic reading which is all on YT

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Good question! I guess it depends on whether the person wants classic superhero fodder or something more nuanced. FWIW, I'd say Ghost World is a good entry point for showing how graphic novels can be true literature. But, if you're after a taste of what modern comics can be that still harks back to the silver age, I think the Spider Gwen series that started in 2015 is a good representation of what mainstream comics are like in the 21st century.

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Also, I love Sin City but I collected the 3rd editions because the covers are so beautifully minimal. They're amazing but they're a lot less attractive on the shelf 😩

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It think that would depend on what interests them.

People tend to associate graphic novels with super heros and if thats what they are in to then I would suggest either picking up one of a character they like or starting off with a big event like x-men vs the avengers or Axis. This way you can follow on the story from there and treat the novels leading up to it as prequels (I jumped in with Axis).

Regarding others though, I would suggest geaphic novels that inspired film or tv such as the walking dead and Sin city as they already like the setting. Cartoons they enjoyed as a kid would also be a good start like teenage mutant ninja turtles or power rangers as there tend to be versions that are aimed at maturer readers such as The Last Ronin.

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I'm with Thomas and would like to put forward Watchmen, for no other reason than it's the only one I've read!

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I’m not big into comics, I’d strongly suggest Wytches for horror fans. I’ve also got a handful of Evil Dead comics which are a lot of fun. Great entry point since Ash Williams is an easily and widely recognized character.

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As stated one off graphic novel would be Watchmen but I think to truly appreciate it having a knowledge of DC heroes in the silver age really elevates it.

Other one offs I’d recommend is Maus and Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

If you’re interested in on-going series or multiple volumes then Scott Pilgrim is the de-facto starter comic


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